Steps Taken by Professional Piano Movers to Move a Grand Piano

Do you want to save money on moving an expensive device? Is it worth the risk of damages which probably require hundreds of dollars to repair? If not, then you are on the right track. As the huge instrument is vulnerable to scratches and dents, it is even more complex to maintain. Keeping all that in mind, professional piano movers in San Diego stick to a drill to move even the smallest pianos. Talking about the lowest weight, the piano can range from 300 to 1000 pounds. It is difficult to control them once you lose your grip over the equipment holding it.

Piano movers moving a grand piano article 44444Let’s analyze the steps taken by professional piano movers right from the start.

Communicating with the owner

Communication is crucial without which the details of the piano might be unknown. It is quite essential to know about the cost of moving, the experience held by the movers, the equipments to be used, the distance to move and everything related to the process. You cannot miss out on any of the details mentioned above and even more considering your specific situation. You cannot proceed without knowing a device as complicated as a piano.

Planning a process

One and only identification of a professional piano mover is that they plan a process right after listening to your concerns. They have the beginning and the end in mind which is conveyed to the whole team. They use a measurement technique to note the dimensions of the piano and the space available to take it out. For example, when the piano is to be moved from the house to the truck, the trunk will be already opened. Also, the room for fitting a piano into a truck will be enough after fitting all the furniture.

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Preparing the piano

Now, this is where the physical job begins. It’s about preparing the piano with proper safety and cushioning. There is a thick layer in which the piano is packed to save it from any shocks that it might bear throughout the way. There is a dedicated tape to secure the outsides of the piano. This will help prevent damage to corner right from when it is picked up. This packaging helps in piano moving and storage preventing any depreciation acting upon it.

And finally moving the piano

This is the implementation stage of moving a piano where the plans are executed and preparations are at an end. National piano movers always find a way to move the device safely. It’s not about the destination and the path of moving after the process has been planned. Professionals make sure that everyone lifts the piano from underneath. The piano doesn’t have to be lifted too much above the ground and only a few feet will work.

Confirmation of the condition and feedback

After delivering the instrument to the desired location, there is a confirmation of the condition. It is to check whether any damages have been done in transit. Feedback of the customer after the process has been completed is one of the most important steps. This helps them to learn whether their services were satisfactory or not.

When you decide to hire piano movers, always confirm that they will perform all these steps in detail. Never worry about asking your questions and clearing them on the spot.