How to Build a Profitable Business with a Great Website

Almost any kind of business will benefit from an online presence. Even a professional service such as a law firm can benefit from one. But not just any type of website will work if you want the website to generate plenty of leads for your business. You need a “great” website. By definition, this is one that performs so well that it gives you everything that you need to grow your business and make it highly profitable.

Build a Profitable Business With a Great Website
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The benefits of building an online business include building your brand, establishing your credibility, and improving customer retention. Also, consider that you will have another competitive advantage if you can implement your product line through your own mobile app or website. A team of professionals like Akveo will create a functional and modern application that meets the goals and objectives of your business.

Since the benefits of building a website are rather obvious, the reason many small businesses that deal directly with clients or customers don’t build a website at all is that they have two primary objections.

The first objection is time and effort. They might wonder how they will have the time to take care of both an online and offline business. This is not as serious an obstacle as they imagine. They can always hire someone to run their online business while they focus on their brick-and-mortar business.

The second objection is money. If their business already has high overhead costs, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to add yet another financial burden. But this is viewing business from the wrong perspective. Since the purpose of a business is to cover costs and create profits, the revenue they generate from their online and offline ventures should more than cover the cost of setting up their website and getting a webmaster to take care of it for them. In the long run, too, their website will continually increase the profitability of their business.

Now that you appreciate the benefits of building a website for your traditional business, you only need to do two things well to create a “great” website: simply focus on web development and web design.

Web Development

When building a website, the programming language you choose makes all the difference to how well your website performs. For instance, Google, which has about 1.6 billion visitors a day, uses JavaScript and TypeScript on its client-side and uses C, C++, Java, Go, Python, and Node.js on its server-side. Meanwhile, with only 240 million unique visitors, only needs to use JavaScript on its client-side and PHP on its server-side.

So since you have a choice of different languages, it’s important to choose a language that offers your website the functionality that you need. If, for instance, you need Node.js for your chatbots, IoT solutions, single-page applications, or data streaming, you should choose a Node.js hosting service for your website. If, say, you’re interested in building a streaming service for your fashion-based e-store, you would need to use Node.js to process files at an incredible speed and you would also need light encodes and effortless uploads.


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Most people assume that the most important thing about website design is the look-and-feel of the website. While it’s true that aesthetics make a difference and attract visitors’ attention, beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. A more useful criterion when thinking about design is how user-friendly visitors find your website. Interestingly enough, a user-friendly website is rarely ugly because of the symmetry and blend of elements that go into the design.

A user-friendly website is easy to understand and navigate. It uses natural color combinations and simple layouts. The text is also easy to read and understand, with the contents corresponding to what users are most interested in learning.

The Secret of Success

How do you create a great website? Essentially, you avoid being stingy by doing all the work yourself, using an inexpensive website builder, or hiring someone with only a small amount of knowledge and experience.  Instead, you devote your time to interviewing the best web developers and web designers that you can afford. Shift your focus from cutting costs to investing in long-term growth.

Although hiring highly professional people who know exactly what they’re doing is expensive, it’s money well spent. If you’re building a website because you’re serious about growing your business then you need to hire the best people.

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