Most Profitable Crafts to Make and Sell

Finding that you suddenly have free time on your hands, and you are unsure of what to do with yourself? Looking to make a bit of extra money for those rainy days or for that home renovation you’ve been itching to tackle? How about the fact that your creative spirit is screaming for an outlet and your family plus friends have received a significant number of gifts from you? All of these things can be fixed or remedied by starting your own side business and selling your homemade arts and crafts.

There is a huge market for handmade arts and crafts, especially where people are searching for more organic and natural items to give as gifts. People are tired of always purchasing and receiving commercialized, mass produced products so there is definitely a market for these products.

So, what exactly are the most profitable crafts to make and sell with your small business? Let’s take a look!

Knitted Goods

Crafts to make and sell - knitted socks

We are all familiar with the warm feeling we get when we haul out those knitted wool socks during the cold winter mornings. Your feet are wrapped in a toasty hug while the wool provides a layer of cushion to comfort your tender tootsies. Knitting can also extend to scarves, mitts and gloves, and hats! These items are a lifesaver during the winter and they never go out of style. Knitted goods also make wonderful gifts because they are unique, practical, and made from organic products.

You can choose to knit sets of winter gear to sell for a profit or sell each individual item separately. To truly increase your revenue and customer base, offer your knitted goods in numerous sizes for infants, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Choose brightly colored wool to create patterns such as checkered or plaid, and you can even coordinate with the season using classic Christmas colors of red, gold, white, and green!

Sewed Items

One surefire way to increase your profit and sell your crafts is to offer sewing-based products. Think homemade clothing, handbags, cell phone cases, and more! People are willing to pay for handmade items that have practical uses but still make excellent gifts for all occasions. You can even start small with makeup bags and reusable pouches to appeal to the greener lifestyle many are adopting these days for conservation of the environment.

Sewing maching for beginners - crafts to make and sell image 4983984984988

If you have experience with sewing and are confident in your skills – you can even offer your customers tailoring services. Not that experienced? Then check out this sewing machine for beginners.

You can even branch out to household items such as curtains, tablecloths, table runners, and placemats. And don’t forget about throw pillows! You simply will need a sewing machine that can use a variety of needles and can sew through multiple types of fabric. Add in some stuffing for the bigger projects and start your profitable crafts right at your kitchen table.

You could even add a section on your website that shows downloadable patterns for those who are looking to increase their sewing skills and are willing to pay for easy, straight-forward instructions.

Classic Gifts

When the word classic is mentioned, this means gifts that are art-based more so than practical-based. Think of gifts such as handmade picture frames and wall art. Use your creative spirit to create beautiful works of art using a variety of mediums such as watercolors, wood-burnt projects, and mosaic art pieces.

Have a range of artwork from theme or holiday pictures to classic scenery, to a colorful piece that will match into the current décor of the customer. You can paint, draw, or create pictures of kitchen items for that room, a welcome to the cabin sign, and more!

Remember those picture frames you once created as a child using beach rocks and shells? Remember how proud you were of the final project? Then use items found in nature and everyday life to fashion a unique and one-of-a-kind picture frame. You can make the picture frames with thicker wooden slats and thin ones to suit the fancy of the customer.

Visit your local glass store to have the pieces cut that will fit the frame and offer the entire kit, including the hanging hardware, to draw more customers into your online store.


It’s evident from this list that there are numerous styles of crafts that can be made and sold for a profit. You can choose a particular style of craft or you can mix-and-match. The beauty of owning your own ecommerce store for these homemade products is you get to choose exactly what you will sell, the pricing you wish to sell your crafts at, how shipping will work, and if you allow your customers to customize their orders!

If you choose to sell your crafts at the local flea market or craft fair – set your prices early and have a variety of objects to choose from for the best selection and customer base.

The beauty of making crafts to sell is that you can work at your own pace, decide how many orders you are willing to take, and what exactly you want to sell. Use this list of the most profitable crafts to make and sell to determine what you are going to use in your next business endeavor and enjoy making money for a rainy day while exercising, growing, and strengthen your creative spirit!