Profitly Review 2023 – Is It Worth It?

What Is Profitly?

Launched in 2011, Profitly is a social trading and educational platform founded by Timothy Sykes and Michael Mosseri. Profitly offers dozens of educational resources for beginners for a one-time fee. Experienced investors can choose from three advanced subscriptions and track their profits, sort & filter trades, view and follow the most successful investors, and more.

Profitly has one of the best communities of any social trading platform, with specialized chatrooms for stocks, options, futures, forex, and crypto trading. As of 2023, Profitly has more than 210,000 active traders, and all products are available on Android and iOS devices. 

In this quick Profitly summary, I will go over all the best features of this platform. If you want to read a more in-depth analysis, check out our full Profitly review.

Pros & Cons of Profitly


  • Available on Android and iOS devices
  • Different prices
  • Dedicated chatrooms for stocks, options, futures, and more
  • Helpful community
  • Comprehensive educational resources
  • Affordable pricing on most of their products


  • No demo environment

Profitly Products And Services

Profitly offers dozens of financial products divided into three categories: Find Your Gurus, Watch & Learn, and Analyze Your Trade. The Find Your Gurus category has everything you need to learn from seasoned traders and includes specialized lessons in topics like penny stocks. Here are the most popular services in this category:

  • Tim’s Alerts: $74.95/month
  • Pennystocking Silver: $149.95/month
  • Trade Like Jim: Trading Challenge

The Watch & Learn category is ideal for beginners trying to learn the ropes and experienced traders looking to learn complex strategies. Watch & Learn products have a one-time fee; as soon as you make a purchase, you will have complete access to all the resources immediately. Here are the most sought-after products:

  • Trader Checklist Part Deux: $297
  • How To Make Millions: $297
  • ShortStocking: $397
  • PennyStocking: $397
  • Trading Tickers 2: $1,797 

If you’re an experienced trader looking specifically for options trading, we recommend Option Strategies Insider, one of the most established research platforms for advanced traders.

Profitly Fees

  • Novice Subscription: $29.95/month (or $360/year)
  • Trader Subscription: $49.95/month (or $600/year)
  • Pro Subscription: $74.95/month (or $900/year)

If you use our link below to sign up, you will only pay $300, $500, and $700/year for the Novice, Trader, and Pro subscriptions, respectively.

Educational Resources & Leaderboards

As a Profitly subscriber, you will have complete access to specialized chartrooms for all asset classes, including stocks, options, futures, forex, and crypto trading. You can interact directly with the most successful Profitly traders and ask them questions or simply follow their trades.

If you have some investing experience, you can become a contributor by writing insightful blog posts, adding to the watchlist, or recording helpful videos.

Keep in mind the leaderboard is optional – if you’re a successful trader that would instead not show your investments, you can keep your trades private.

If you’d rather do your own research and find your investments, we recommend a platform like TradingView and Scanz, two of the most successful research platforms for investors and day traders.

Sign-Up Process

Anyone can register and create a Profitly account; there are no special requirements to sign up, and you can get started in just a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Visit Profitly’s website
  • Click Join Us
  • Select a product or plan
  • Make a purchase

If you use our link to sign up, you will get a discount on the yearly subscription ranging from 17%-22%.

Final Thoughts

Profitly is a social trading and educational platform that offers dozens of educational products and resources for beginners. Experienced investors can sign up for one of the three subscriptions and track, sort & filter trades, and compare strategies with the top-rated investing gurus. Profitly is very easy to use and has a very strong community of experienced traders who will help you become a better trader.