Ways to Prolong the Life of Bar Soap

There are two things in life that most of us enjoy doing: saving money and being clean. In a time where cutting down the spread of cold and flu germs is so important, quality antibacterial soap is a must-have for bathrooms across the world.

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Although bar soap is often the more economical form, it’s frustrating when it ends up falling apart after a few washes. To get both value for money and something that will last, make sure you’re following these tips to prolong the life of your bar soap.

Keep it out of water when not in use

Your soap is going to get wet at some point in order to create suds that help clean your hands and body, but what’s vital to remember is that you shouldn’t keep it on a shower ledge after you use it. It will be exposed to running water streams and hot temperatures, which means it’s going to dissolve a lot quicker. Place it on a soap dish that allows for airflow and for excess water to drain, and store it far from the water stream. If you have a shower cubby, then this is the perfect spot.

Cut the soap bar into smaller pieces

If you feel like your bar of soap is gone too quickly, try cutting it in two and store one half in the shower and the other in a drawer or even on the bathroom sink. This means that one bar of soap can have two uses and you’ll end up being far more economical.

Also, cheap, inferior soap is often too full of misleading fragrance and doesn’t really do an effective job of giving an antibacterial or moisturizing clean. These will usually fall apart faster, so it might be best to go for a simple, white soap that cleans well and isn’t too fragrant.

Start using a washcloth

While there’s nothing wrong with using our hands to create a soapy lather, a washcloth retains the suds better for the duration of the shower, whereas you often have to reapply the suds when using your hands.

Just make sure the washcloth you keep is just for yourself, as it’s not so hygienic for multiple people to use the same one. Also make sure this washcloth can dry out properly when not in use. Don’t rub so hard on your face, though, as this can dry out the skin. Instead, use a tea tree oil for sensitive or damaged skin.

Try curing your soap

This one might sound a bit unusual but just go with it: cure your soap before using. This means after buying a new soap pack, take it out of the wrapping and place it somewhere away from light, water, and heat, such as a bathroom cabinet or drawer. After 1-2 months, the soap will harden but won’t lose its antibacterial properties, making it last much longer in your shower or on the bathroom sink.


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