Promoting Business With Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are a great way to capture attention and create a buzz around your brand. It also helps to boost sales. Sure, thinking of a contest entertains people, and a reward that piques their interest is not that easy, but that’s just a small part of creating a sweepstake. Unless you work on its promotion, a sweepstake is unlikely to draw a significant number of participants.

While there are many promotional strategies for you to implement, one of the easiest is submitting the sweepstake to an online contest directory. An online contest directory is a website dedicated to cataloguing different kinds of online contests, and it is frequented by people who participate in online competitions. So it’s a great way of reaching individuals who will take interest in your competition.

Benefits of Running a Sweepstake

If you are considering the idea of launching a sweepstake but wondering if it’s worth the efforts, let us tell you about some benefits of running a sweepstake.

  • They are comparatively easy to run than other promotional campaigns
  • They attract a lot of attention, and they easily boost your online engagement with potential customers and audience
  • They bring a great deal of improvement to your website’s online metrics.

Moreover, many people actively look out for sweepstakes. You can easily tap into them by registering your sweepstake on a sweepstake directory.

Sweepstake Directory- How Do They Help Sponsors?

If your company is sponsoring a sweepstake, a sweepstake directory can easily bring you a lot of visibility amongst an audience that is likely to participate in your contest. It brings huge traffic to your promotional links and website.

There are both free and paid websites that list sweepstakes. However, you have to first apply and get your sweepstake approved, so don’t wait till the last moment to list the sweepstake.

The audience of a sweepstake website is largely made of people who try their luck in winning freebies. So consider it a place for promoting your contest, but don’t bank on it to find loyal customers for your product and services. However, even though people are here to get free goodies, still some measurable benefits have been observed.

  • Increase in social media followers of the brand. If the audience finds your sweepstake attractive, they might end up following your Facebook or Instagram handle.
  • You can also request users to sign up for your newsletter and get direct updates about contests and sales. This is a chance to grow your email list!
  • A new set of customers might discover you and might buy something from you. A sweepstake directory can increase your brand awareness.
  • A sweepstake directory adds to the visibility of your website, thus increasing your search engine rankings.

Free and Paid Listings: Which is better?

There are both free and paid sweepstake directory. Free listings give you less visibility than paid ones, but you should get listed on them. You should go for multiple free listings or one or two paid listings combine with some free ones to derive the maximum benefit.

Paid sweepstakes listings give you more visibility. Paid services list you higher up on their websites and mention you in their newsletters and social media. This leads to a high entry count on your website.

However, you just can’t directly post your sweepstake on a website. You need to share details about your sweepstake and wait for approval.

Note: ARV of your sweepstakes must be greater than $50 in order to get approval for free or paid linking in any of below-mentioned websites.

Free Best Websites Sweepstakes Where You Can List Your Sweepstake

If you are planning a new sweepstake or want to maximize the visibility of an existing one, we have compiled a list of websites for you where you can list your contest for free-

  1. com (

You can list a sweepstake here if people can participate for free, and the minimum prize value is $50. In order to get approval for free listing you must have to follow the format mentioned there. It also provides a sweepstakes submission service for $150, if you do not take headache of submission to each site.

  1. com (

This website offers free listing and different packages for paid listing. Send your details and you might get featured; however, due to the high submission rate, they list only select sweepstakes.

  1. com (

Just fill the simple form on their home page and get your sweepstake listed for free. It has one of the easiest submission processes.

  1. com (

This website offers free listing, and different packages for paid listing. Send your details and you might get featured; however, due to high submission rate they list only select sweepstakes.

  1. com (

If your prize value is $25 or above and there is no purchase requirement to participate, you can list sweepstakes here for free.

  1. com (

Contest chest allows you to list any contest or sweepstake you know off in their website. In fact, if you list a contest there, you also stand a chance of winning $300 cash in their monthly draw. 

  1. net (

If your contest is open to Canadian citizens, you can list in for free on this website. They also have paid options that give more visibility.

  1. com ( )

The website is visited by people from many countries, making it a great place to list your sweepstake for free.

  1. com ( )

It is another place to list your giveaway or sweepstake for free. Along with sweepstake details, submit a clear image as it helps you get attention.

  1. com (

If you are running a free giveaway with clear rules and privacy policy, you can get it listed on this website.

There are many enthusiastic individuals who participate in sweepstakes often. Free listings on sweepstake directories are an easy way to connect with them and promote your sweepstake. Without proper promotion, a sweepstake cannot deliver marketing results. Hence, try to get listed on as many free websites as possible. If your budget allows, consider one-two paid listings as well.

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