Things to Consider Before Promoting Your Event Using Outdoor Banners

What do you want to say to your customers?

The process of promoting your brand with the help of outdoor banners starts with the answer to this simple question. Outdoor banners serve the purpose of conveying your intentions as a brand owner. It lets potential customers understand:

  • What you are selling
  • If you have any special offers
  • Why people should choose you over other competing brands

If your banner is capable of conveying all that, you have an effective brand promotion tool at your disposal. And an effective brand promotion tool leads to:

  • More people coming to know about your products and services
  • Increased sales

Custom banner manufacturers like Extreme Marquees offer a wide range of products, custom built for different purposes. There are promotional flags, pull up banners, pop up banners, custom printed marquee banners and much more. You can have any of these products customised exclusively for your brand.

Put them up in street corners or on walls, take them to tradeshows or sporting events – install them anywhere you have permits for. Custom printed banners have a number of advantages over other promotional materials.

  • On Walls, buildings, or tradeshow booths; between trees, and behind vehicles – custom banners can be installed almost anywhere easily.
  • Taking a banner down is as easy as putting it up.
  • Banners don’t occupy unnecessary space.
  • They are extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
  • They are extremely cost-effective. This means that you can have multiple banners in your inventory for different occasions.

But, what are the things to consider before promoting your brand in an event with the help of custom banners?

Let’s discuss.

1. Content

As they say “Content is King!” Say what you have to say in clear and simple words. Cryptic messages are lost on the target audience. Who has time to read and understand complicated sentences? And remember: brevity is the key!

Here’s some tips to create the perfect content for your outdoor banner:

  • Your brand logo and slogan should be visible from afar. People need to relate to your brand.
  • Your slogan shouldn’t sound cryptic or offensive.
  • Product promotions and special offers need to be conveyed in as few words as possible.
  • No need to get into detailed descriptions of products and offers.
  • Avoid using chunky words and technical terms that the general audience can’t understand.

2. Banner Size

How large should your banner be? It depends upon the place and event really. If you are putting up your banner in a crowded city corner, make sure it is large enough to draw the attention of the busy passers-by.

If it’s a tradeshow, you are putting up your banner in, you should be having a pavilion or booth to accompany your banner. In such cases, medium sized banners can do the trick.

Here’s a list of popular banner sizes.

2 Feet 3 Feet 4 Feet 5 Feet
2’ x 4’ 3’ x 6’ 4’ x 6’ 5’ x 6’
2’ x 6’ 3’ x 8’ 4’ x 8’ 5’ x 8’
2’ x 8’ 3’ x 9’ 4’ x 10’ 5’ x 10’
2’ x 12’ 3’ x 12’ 4’ x 12’ 5’ x 12’
2’ x 16’ 3’ x 16’ 4’ x 16’ 5’ x 16’
2’ x 20’ 3’ x 20’ 4’ x 20’ 5’ x 20’
2’ x 25’ 3’ x 25’ 4’ x 25’ 5’ x 25’
2′ x 30′ 3′ x 30′ 4′ x 30′ 5′ x 30′


But don’t limit your imagination with this list. Custom banner manufacturers can print your banner in any dimension you prefer.

3. Large and Legible Fonts

As we have already discussed, banner design is all about conveying your message. Make sure you use large and legible fonts on your banner. Custom printed banner manufacturers like Extreme Marquees, Australia, will be happy to print your banner in any font you desire. But if you take our suggestion, stick to fonts like the Sans Serif, Arial, Helvetica, Gill Sans and Avant-garde. These fonts and others closely associated with them are legible from afar.

Font size is also an important aspect to consider. How large should your banner text be? It depends on the occasion, If you are promoting your brand in a big city corner, with a large banner, use large, and legible fonts that are visible from afar. In case of tradeshows and other indoor/outdoor events, medium or small banners do the trick. In such cases, you can use smaller fonts.

4. Colour

The most popular banner colour is, of course, white. But modern outdoor, marquee and pop up banners come in a wide range of colour combinations. Choice of colour is subjective and banner manufacturers like Extreme Marquees offer endless customisation options for their products. So, you can have your banner in any colour combination you want. But here’s a few tips for you.

From the viewpoint of painters and digital printers, colour combinations are selected based on something called the colour wheel. Here’s a simplified version of the wheel.

Color Wheel - using outdoor banners

  • When choosing a banner colour, have a discussion with your banner manufacturer. They will be able to guide you on the best colours for your banner.
  • Contrasting colours on the colour wheel make for the best combinations, while adjacent colours reflect harmony.
  • Look at the colours of your brand logo. Your banner colour should be in sharp contrast to your logo so that the latter is clearly visible from afar.
  • Texts on your custom banner should be in contrasting colours as well.


We humans are creative creatures. Think of your outdoor banner as a blank canvas and unleash your creativity. You know what’s best for your brand. Apply the principles of effective brand promotion and follow our tips and suggestions to create the perfect custom banner for your brand.

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