Promoting Interactivity

One of the most frustrating aspects of developing a new website is getting new users to find and interact with the site. Luckily, there are a few ways you can reliably increase traffic and get more positive interactions in general. Here’s how you can promote interactivity on your sites and drive better quality leads.

Email Marketing

While this might seem like a dated tactic, email marketing has actually picked up steam as email advertisements have been updated in recent years. Now that email ads can contain fancy videos, moving graphics, and other aesthetic choices, emails have remained a competitive force in online marketing.

One of the best ways to make sure your email marketing is up to date is to make your emails more personalized and less scripted. This makes people much more likely to open and then interact with your emails as they have the impression of being from a person or representative and not a robot.

Promoting interactivity 1 99oSocial Media Platforms

Social media marketing has become the number one focus in the last few years as it delivers the best opportunities for targeting users based on certain demographics that make them more likely to interact with your content. Social media remains one of the best tools for building an audience online.

Social media allows advertisers to funnel users based on interest, meaning less ad dollars are wasted on users that will not be interested in your content. Making your ads more direct increases that chances of organic interaction occurring, which will spread your message and make your ads more effective.

Live Chat

The recent developments in the use of live chat have dramatically increased user interaction because it provides an immediate way for visitors to talk to a live representative without using their phone waiting for a reply to an email. Live chat brings the company to the user in that they are free to ask questions, troubleshoot, and more without too many steps.

Live chat is not too troublesome to operate and yields big results in terms of building up a relationship with customers and building up credibility as a brand. Ideally you want as many positive interactions as possible to maintain your image as a company. Employees of the company in question may not always operate live chat, but having a live representative available during work ours can make a huge difference.

Promoting interactivity 1 88u 0Video Promotion

Video advertising has quickly become the most popular and successful form of advertising because editing techniques and equipment have become much cheaper in the last few years. Now it is relatively inexpensive to hire an editor or camera operator to make short videos with relatively high production value. Video can be easily shared and is more likely to be spread between users.

While video is the more difficult to produce compared to other forms of advertising, it definitely yields the best results and has proven to be an effective medium. Video has also proven to be the most viral method of advertising, with a high propensity to be shared between countless users. One of the best results you can hope for with a video campaign is a viral sharing effect.

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