Promoting Worker Safety at Construction Sites to Reduce Liability

The construction industry is lucrative for business owners all the way down to entry-level construction crews, but working in this field comes with serious safety risks. Whether you have construction workers go to work atop skyscrapers or have them pouring concrete foundations, every new project presents a different kind of safety risk. Construction foremen and project managers are given blueprints, goals, and timelines. Sometimes, they are not given all of the instructions and tools that are needed to keep their crews safe. You can reduce the prevalence of construction site accidents by promoting better worker safety standards.

Changing the Work Culture at Your Construction Company

In general, construction worksites can be pretty casual. Workers are not expected to put on three-piece suits, nor are they always known to engage in lengthy business meetings. This casual sort of work environment can lead to complacency and lax safety standards. Ensure that all construction workers are coming dressed for the job, with steel-toed boots, hard hats, and reflective vests. Have them watch videos on construction site safety, tell them where the first aid kits are located, and don’t let any instance of unsafe practices go without being addressed officially. If you tell your employees that you are getting serious about safety standard being improved, the work culture will change to reflect your statements and actions.

Making Improved Worker Safety the Standard

Prior to rolling out an updated safety plan within your construction company, you have to know that these new protocols are taking all considerations into account. Meeting with a construction accident attorney is advised, as you want to be sure that the type of work environment you plan to promote lessens the your exposure to liability. After you have gotten the go-ahead from your legal advisor, you can give out new employee handbooks and make certain safety protocols the new standard within your business.

Rewarding Workers for Avoiding Accidents

The quickest way to get your employees to start acting in a safer manner while at work is to create a reward system for those who comply. Inform your staff that they will be observed by their managers and praise the actions of all construction workers who are viewed following all the rules. Giving out gift cards to workers who have not received any safety-related infractions can be a good way to help promote workplace safety. The construction industry is changing as companies look to make work sites less dangerous for workers. Robots and other technologies are being implemented in the construction field as they can be programmed to do the same jobs humans do, only safer and more efficiently. Consider supplying your construction workers with some of these newer tools and technologies so they can avoid accidents and feel better about the work they are performing.

It should not be hard to get even the most experienced construction workers to change their behavior and become safer if you take the proper steps. Tell your employees when all new safety rules will go into effect. Give them instructions on how to be safer at work. Then, bring it up regularly until it becomes second nature for everyone at your construction company.

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