Are promotional products a worthwhile marketing strategy?

If you landed on this article, you’re likely wondering how promotional products can be incorporated into your business strategy, and whether promotional products are overall worth investing in. The answer to that is an overwhelming “yes!”, and we’re going to show you why.

A reliable ROI

Promotional products offer a pretty big return on investment, because of the consistent brand exposure they offer. Consider that promotional products, like these drink bottles from Promotions Warehouse, will be used repeatedly by the people who receive them.

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Research shows that 81% of people who receive practical, useful promotional products keep them for a year or longer.

When people use your promotional products in public, or keep them at their office desk, that means other people will also see your brand logo. Outerwear such as t-shirts and jackets are an excellent way of turning your clients into ambassadors for your brand.

When your customer wears your promotional products as part of their everyday life, it creates long-lasting impressions. So it’s basically a very effective form of marketing which delivers a lot more value-per-impression than a billboard ad, for example.

Perception in item value

If you’ve ever seen the popular television game show “The Price is Right”, you’ll know that many people are pretty bad at estimating the cost and value of products. With promotional products, this works in your favor.

A promotional product that costs your company less than $5, plus bulk discounts, can be perceived as having a higher value to your clients, and give a favorable impression that your brand is invested in quality. This is of course assuming that you invest into high-quality promotional products.

Another way this works in your favor is that instead of discounting items, you can offer free promotional product gifts with purchases. This is effectively used by many brands – for example, imagine buying a case of beer that comes with a free bottle-opener. Even if the beer wasn’t discounted, you felt like you got a good value, because you got a free item with your purchase – even if that bottle-opener cost less than $1.

Directly target your audience’s lifestyle

There are so many different types of promotional products, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to pinpoint the products that not only best represent your brand, but appeal directly to lifestyle elements of your target audience.

For example, if your primary customer base is an eco-friendly crowd, than you can’t go wrong with eco-friendly tote bags and reusable water bottles. This has the added benefit of making your brand appear eco-friendly. And in fact, at around 6,000 impressions per bag, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product (at least within the United States).

Or if you’re targeting a more tech-savvy crowd, you can get USB flash drives and even power banks with your brand’s logo on them.

When you send promotional products that resonate with your target audience, it creates a much more favorable impression, and your brand is far more likely to be remembered.Interested in marketing tips? You might want to check out this article on 7 Proven Lead Generation Freebies.


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