Pros And Cons Of a Marketing Degree

Today, before picking up any course of study, students consider many things. Most students first weigh their employability, importance, and salary range options. It’s almost impossible for anyone to move towards a career path today without doing a background check.

This applies to every course, including marketing. Marketing is a course that focuses on teaching students how to engage with buyers, promote sales and provide value to customers. With the presence of digital technology, marketing has grown in demand lately.

It is no surprise that many students are moving into the field with this. However, while marketing is a lucrative field, studying this course isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort and attention. Because of this, most students even opt to buy dissertation UK. Aside from these, there are other things to consider about the field. And here, we’ve provided pros and cons to guide your academic and career quest.

Pros Of Getting A Marketing Degree

Regardless of what you’ve heard or read, weigh the pros and cons before choosing a degree in marketing. It’s a study and career path that has its complexities. Here are some pros associated with marketing that you should note.

It is a lucrative field

Choosing a career in marketing opens doors for various opportunities. Marketing graduates have a lot of available job openings they can fill, unlike other careers with limited job opportunities.

Competitive salary

If there is a record of top 10 jobs with competitive salaries, marketing is one of them. Several marketing graduates with experience and knowledge earn good annual salaries.

Flexible working conditions

As a marketer, your job is one of the most flexible jobs. You can do it from anywhere and at any time, depending on your personal schedule. You can market from the office, at home, during personal time, and even while you are in transit. There’s no one place to market. Seasoned marketers even promote their products through influence.

Opportunity to travel

Marketing can take you on many business trips within and outside the country. For marketers that get international projects, it comes with travel perks.

Working with various brands

Marketers have access to many brands within the business. With a good knowledge of social media and digital marketing, you can get consulted to work with different brands.

Marketing has many sub-fields

Marketing is one field that has various aspects you can specialize in. As a marketer today, you can work as an in-office employee, a consultant, a digital marketer, and an influencer.


Any marketing graduate skilled in marketing does not necessarily need an in-office job or be employed to earn. You can set up your own business, employ others and still make a considerable profit.

Business Collaboration

Marketers can collaborate with other businesses to drive and increase sales while making a profit. Collaborations are a two-way win for marketers—they earn from it and promote themselves.

Cons Of Getting A Marketing Degree

Indeed, marketing has many interesting pros that could immediately drive anyone into the field. But, it’s essential to have the whole picture before making a decision. Here are some of the cons of a marketing degree to have in mind.

Market competition

The only way to keep your head above water as a marketer is to be competitive. It’s a highly competitive field and the typical example of a “survival of the fittest” business. If you’re not geared for competition, you could lose out on opportunities.

Constantly evolving

Marketing usually evolves based on current trends in business. Marketing in the 20th century isn’t the same in the 21st century. If you are not current with new ways of marketing, you could lose out.

Constantly Moving

If you are not open to moving from place to place, you might not find marketing a good career feat. This does not just apply to marketing to various people in different places; the job might require you to travel. Marketing might not be your best bet if you’re looking for a rooted job.

Unending targets to meet

Meeting targets is the bane of every marketer’s existence. You might be given a quota to meet each month for graduate marketing positions. Your quota is tied to your promotion, and as you progress, your salary increases. Many marketers find the need to meet targets very challenging.

Constantly Working

Marketers are constantly working, promoting ideas, and looking for effective ways to increase sales. This constant strain can affect their working conditions. It is especially the case for marketers working in startups. A lot of time is spent selling to potential clients, which can be exhausting.

Not all marketing campaigns are successful

As a marketer, you need to know that it’s not always rosy. Sometimes, your marketing campaign might drive little to no sales or become a flop. It’s not always personal; it comes with the field.

You might not need a degree to climb the career ladder

If you’re working for an agency or company, note that your progress in your career might not be tied to your degree. Criteria for scaling is attached to performance and not degree.

Performance Strategy Is Key

You cannot drive results without working for it as a marketer. If you need positive outcomes, you have to work hard and smart for it.


Marketing is an exciting field with many opportunities. But, before embracing all of its opportunities, draw a straight line between the pros and cons to know if it fits you.

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