Prospects of jump-starting a business of creating weather apps – A guide for novices

Abrupt and fast changes in the climate have considerably increased the necessity of weather apps. Weather apps, these days, can offer perfect forecasts to let users make educated decisions on their travel goals. Thanks to technological progress and a combination of advanced features, it has become easier to know about the sudden changes in weather along with getting real-time alerts.

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Humans have always had this strong urge to know about weather and climate ahead of time. In the present age of mobility and the internet, weather apps have made it feasible to predict the condition of the climatic changes while on-the-go. In short, through a weather app with all the best features, users can be prepared to deal with any kind of weather obstacle.

Do you wish to grow your weather app development business?

Are you someone who owns a business startup that is associated with providing all sorts of weather services or do you wish to thrive in the industry of weather-oriented business? This article is a comprehensive guide on the major aspects of mobile app development, especially an easy-to-use weather radar.

Types of Weather Apps for a Mobile


The most famous and common type of weather app is the climate change app which includes an array of features like climate situation all over the globe, ozone condition, and other climate-related factors like percentage of CO2 or sea level. These apps are created with interesting User Interfaces and they offer seamless possibilities.


The development of weather forecast apps has been growing lately. Location-based forecast of weather is one of the biggest functions of these apps. Thanks to the forecast apps that users may get daily, hourly, or even weekly predictions of the weather at their locality.

Moreover, forecast apps have other functions like weather comparison. The free versions of these apps have basic features and the paid versions have other extra features.


As long as spreading awareness is concerned, the weather education apps educate the youngsters in an entertaining yet informative way. Nevertheless, these apps are less common than the forecast and climate apps as they are tailored to a definite audience. However, their importance and popularity are expected to increase in the near future.

Vital Features to keep in mind while creating a Mobile Weather App

Gone are those days when weather apps could only show sunrise and sunset time! Now they give you information on humidity, wind speed, UV rays, and much more. Check out the must-have features of a user-friendly weather app.

❖  In-app notifications

Wouldn’t you love it if the app sent you notifications for taking an umbrella to save you from the heat-wave? Well, this is why in-app notifications are a key feature that works as per the weather forecast. For instance, if it is about to rain in your area, your app will message you to go out with an umbrella. Push notifications can always lure the attention of the users.

❖  Engaging Visuals

The app developers design the best UI for a personalized weather app. Appealing and engaging visuals can tempt users in using a specific weather app more than others. In fact, stunning visualization may work wonders in exploring the weather conditions at various slots.

❖  Rain predictions

This is one of the key features of any weather app as it helps app users to stay safe during heavy rain and thunderstorms. Users can enjoy the feel of light rain while they carry an umbrella. The rain forecast of weather apps tells you the percentage of rain and it has indicators like ‘cloudy’, ‘partly cloudy’, and ‘very cloudy’ so that you can get accurate details.

❖  Timelapse

Timelapse is a feature that lets the users navigate through historical alterations in weather throughout the various countries of the world. The app users may be informed about climate change during a specific time. Timelapse is a feature that is mainly used for weather apps designed for educational reasons.

❖  Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonrise Time

One more key feature of weather apps is the accurate time for sunrise, sunset, and moonrise. This can tell a lot about the length of the day. Adding the moonrise time makes your app more appealing despite that being a basic feature.

So, as we see, the development of weather apps has become a trend that is very soon gaining momentum. You may hire the best weather app developers with experience and skills in creating a feature-rich weather app.

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