How to Protect Your Hair From Styling Tools

In the modern world of beauty and fashion, everyone desires to look as beautiful as possible. To create a certain look, people go for different styling things. One of the most look changing items is a hairdo.

You need to protect your hair from heat styling tools, but unfortunately, most of the tools used for styling hair require heat. These tools might be a hair straightener to flatten and smoothen your hair or a curling rod for waves, it could be a blow dryer for adding extra volume to your hair, or it might be a tight perming iron to give your hair a beachy look.

All these tools, when used on your hair, might damage the hair structure due to the heat they release on your hair. Excessive and uncontrolled exposure to heat can cause the hair to lose its shine. High heat extracts out the natural moisture of the hair and makes our hair look dull, dry, and frizzy.

Looking for the best heat protectant for fine hair or other hair types is a common quick solution to protecting your hair. However, there is plenty of other alternative and precatory measures you can take to anticipate the use of heat styling tools.

Under such circumstances, the products that save your hair from heat can turn out to be lifesavers. These products can protect the natural layer of moisture in the hair by adding an extra layer. This extra layer of moisture bears all the heat from the styling tools, and hence the natural hairs remain free from damage.

Here are a few tips to protect your hair against damage caused by heat:

  • Put on a hair mask regularly.
  • Be easy on your frizzy hair.
  • Strengthen your hair in the shower
  • Go for a styler with in-built heat protectants.
  • Never blow dry wet hair.
  • Check the temperature of your styling tools.
  • Choose the plates wisely.

Regular use of hair mask

Using a hair mask at least once a week can help your hair gain moisture. Besides using a shampoo rich in proteins, the plus point will be if you add some extra protein to your hair. This can increase the strength of your hair. It gives a deep protein treatment to the hair, and it is not a time taking process. You can use an egg mask or some protein-rich oils like argan oil. Massage the oil into your hair and wait for at least ten minutes. The best results come out when you use them in a moist environment.

Treat the frizz easily.

Go easy on your hair, especially when detangling them. Never get your hair stuck in the brush while detangling them. Start from the lower ends of hair and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle them and then slowly move upwards. When you dry your hair using a towel, never rub the hair directly but gently squeeze the water out. Use the roll brush carefully and protect them from getting tugged. Be kinder to your hair and treat them gently.

Strengthening in shower

When the hair is continuously treated with heat, the cuticle of the hair damages and breaks off; to protect the hair, use the shampoo having necessary oils or keratin or proteins. A good conditioner can help your hair restore the lost minerals.

Avoid blow-drying wet hair.

Before blow-drying, you make sure that your hair is as dry as possible. Blow drying wet hair can damage the cuticle. Before going for a drier and round brush, dry your hair naturally with a comb or your fingers. You can also use a towel.

Styler with in-built heat protectants

The world of fashion has advanced so much that now you can easily find the styling irons that have already treated plates. You can also spray a heat protectant on your hair before using stylers.

Adjust the temperature

Never go for a very high temperature on your styler. Set the temperature to the point that your hair can easily withstand. Not all hair needs to be treated at a high temperature. Select the normal temperature.

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