5 Essential Steps to Protect Your Kent Business Online

Whether you are a new start-up in Kent or your business has been established for some time, getting set up correctly online is crucial for your business success. Specifically, it is vital to set up and maintain safe and effective online security.

Kent business online image 444444Threats to your business are real, and cybercrime is evolving. Small businesses are often targeted since it is believed their defences are lower. But the good news is you can defend your business against threats without being an IT expert. By following these simple steps, you can be safer online and keep your data and systems more secure.

1: Audit and Manage Your Risk

Start by looking at your online systems and your data and assets. What do you need to secure? Do you have specific security needs to meet? What risks are there for your business? Look at how you can manage your risks – the first step is to identify them, and the following steps will be to implement your processes.

2: Start Simple With Strong Passwords

A large number of cyber breaches occur through unsecure passwords. This step is easy to take since it requires little effort or expense. Make sure that your passwords are secure and never use the same passwords over multiple systems or accounts. Ensure that you are choosing strong passwords and invest in password management systems that will change passwords regularly. Make sure that your staff are using strong passwords and using robust password security.

3: Continue Your Protection With Action Against Viruses

Understand how your business could be affected by viruses and then take the necessary steps to minimise these risks. For example, make sure that everyone knows never to open attachments or click on links that are from suspicious addresses or are not from trusted sources. Check that files are always downloaded following safe procedures. Make sure you have a solid policy on when to install programs and where they come from.

Cybersecurity Kent business online image4: Secure Your Equipment

It is particularly important to secure your IT equipment and files when you are travelling away from the office, or you have clients or customers coming into the office. Make sure that you protect your files and devices with passwords and that data is encrypted when necessary. Use biometrics where necessary to protect devices.

Ensure that passwords and login details are kept secure. And have a procedure for the remote removal of data if a device is lost. It is particularly important to secure data on devices like memory sticks that are used to transfer information between devices.

5: Train and Monitor on an Ongoing Basis

Make sure that everyone in the company knows your security policies and understands what they personally need to do to update and maintain cybersecurity. Keeping safe online is an ongoing process, and you will need to monitor your efforts on an ongoing basis. Or, consider outsourcing monitoring and cybersecurity to an IT services company. When looking for IT Support Kent businesses choose IT service providers that are well-versed in keeping small and medium-sized businesses safe online.


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