Companies Protecting Against Increased Cyber Attacks In 2020

IT experts predict that the number of cyber attacks on companies will continue to increase in 2020. Due to this prediction, both small and large businesses are taking action to better protect their companies from cyber crime. As a business owner, you need to take your company’s cybersecurity to the next level to lower the risk of a data breach. Read this post to protect your company from cyber attacks in 2020.

Cyber attacks - cyber security image for article 7777Encrypt Business Data

One of the best ways to protect your company from cyber attacks in 2020 is to encrypt your business data. Data encryption is crucial to securing your information because it prevents hackers from being able to use it if they get access.

The most protected companies encrypt all sensitive information that hackers could gain access to. This information includes customer data, employee information and client documents. The best way to encrypt this information is to invest in a full-disk encryption software solution that can turn all data in your system into secure code. Encrypt your business data to protect it from cyber criminals in 2020.

Protect Application Containers

Additionally, you can keep your company safe by protecting your application containers. Especially in 2020, companies are implementing new technologies like containerization. While containers are beneficial to development, they do pose several security threats that you need to address in order to avoid cyber attacks.

Many companies are dealing with exposed data in their containers and embedded malware on images. You can protect your container registry with security-based integrations. Consider using a private registry to gain more control over authorization as well. Moreover, invest in solutions that can scan stored images for malware. If you protect your application containers, you can succeed in keeping your entire company safe while transferring data in the cloud.

Provide Email Security Training

Another effective solution for mitigating cyber attacks this year is to provide email security training. This is a crucial step to take in securing your data because hackers often gain access to information through employees’ emails. To prevent this, you need to teach your employees how to identify a phishing email. Common signs of a phishing email include poor writing, request for personal or business information and suspicious attachments.

Phishing image 4993993Many phishing emails also include links to fake websites and begin with generic greetings. Teach your employees these signs and any other identification tactics that you know of. As a result, every employee will be able to effectively protect your company from cyber attacks in 2020.

Secure Company Hardware

You can also protect your business from cyber attacks by securing your company hardware. Many business owners focus so much on protecting their data online that they neglect their physical assets. However, many hackers gain sensitive information by stealing physical properties like business computers.

Ensure that unauthorized users do not access your information by proactively protecting your laptops, servers and employees’ cell phones. The best way to guarantee hardware security is to use security cameras and alarms. Consider locking your hardware down onto your desks as well. If you can proactively secure your physical assets, you can protect your business from cyber attacks in 2020.

Establish An Incident Response Plan

Finally, establish an incident response plan to protect against cyber attacks in 2020. These plans can limit the damage from cyber attacks so you do not lose as much data. An incident response plan contains the proper steps for your company to take if a data breach occurs. When companies use well-thought-out response plans, they react to cyber crime quickly.

This prevents hackers from obtaining even more information. In order to create an effective plan, you need to base your reaction steps off of your specific company. Consider your business size and the kind of cyber threats you are prone to. Then, you can establish a clear incident response plan and keep your business protected when cyber attacks occur.

You need to improve your security protocols if you want to keep your business data safe during this high cyber crime year. A great way to protect your company is to encrypt all business data including employee and customer information.

Teach your employees how to identify phishing emails as well. Moreover, protect your application containers using integrations, private registries and malware-scanning software. In order to prevent hackers from stealing physical assets, secure your hardware. Lastly, establish an incident response plan to keep data safe even when a breach occurs. Use these strategies to protect your company from cyber attacks in 2020.


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