UK iGaming Industry: Protecting People From Gambling Harms

The gambling industry in the UK presents a wide range of gaming forms, including bingo, slot machines, online slots and casino games, and sports betting. With the significant adverse effects gambling can have on players, especially when it becomes addictive, the UK gambling commission has constantly worked towards protecting players from harm.

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Tackling problem gambling

When gambling starts to become a problem, or an addiction, for players, it can start to impact their daily lives and their health. Some of the harmful effects players can suffer from include relationship difficulties, mental health issues, and large-scale financial loss.

Gambling issues not only affect the players but can also affect their jobs, their family and friends. Although the levels of harm vary from one player to the other, negligence from the operators, particularly those who encourage more play can alleviate harm.

One way that players can reduce their own risk is by using gambling management tools to help them stop or reduce their amount of time gambling online. However, highlighted in The Pogg’s guide on ‘Safer Gambling: Addressing The Issue Of Problem Gambling’, statistics show that gamblers might not be aware of the tools that are available to them.

According to a Gambling Commission survey, 62% of gamblers were not aware of time out features that could be used when they are gambling online, while 40% were not aware of financial limits. Therefore, iGaming operators and organisations can help by raising awareness of responsible gambling.

The UK gambling industry needs to focus on addressing the issue of problem gambling by educating others on problem gambling and putting stricter rules in place. With over 10.5 million people in the UK gambling online, problem gambling needs to be addressed to minimise the risks and harm that is caused by consumers gambling with money they don’t have. This is why earlier this year, the UKGC gambling credit card ban was introduced.

Changing technologies

In modern-day society, there are many technological advancements, discoveries, and updates that can help push the business industry further. For igaming companies, there are many developing technologies that the industry can utilise to help reduce the risk of harm to gamblers.

Like in all other industries, the gaming industry has been largely impacted by the changes in technology. Today, people can gamble fast, and from the comfort of their homes through mobile and online gaming. With the fast-paced changes, the industry needs to be at par and act quickly to prevent people from harm.

To help problem gamblers reduce the amount of time that they spend gambling online, self-exclusion tools and technology can help. Educating people on which gambling management tools are available to them can help them get the support that they need. There are tools and schemes such as Gamstop and BetBlocker, which can be used for self-exclusion to alleviate the gaming problem.

Harm related to gambling is often overlooked, yet it requires more attention. While the gaming industry is a legitimate body that generates revenue and creates a wide range of employment, it can also be an avenue for lost working days and health issues linked to stress resulting from gambling debt. The gaming industry should focus on addressing the issue of problem gambling and the needs of the players in a more strategic manner, particularly targeting those who are most vulnerable.

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