The Best Protection from Phishing Money Can Buy

Protect from Phishing software image eeeeeAre you looking for protection from phishing? If you run a business, this is a good decision because one phishing attack can cause a big problem in your company. But, it doesn’t mean that if you use your email for personal purposes, you won’t need the service or software to protect from phishing. You still need it because the attack can also steal your private information. So, the question is which protection from phishing attacks can we use? Below, we have several recommendations for you.

  1. PhishProtection

PhishProtection offers full protection against phishing for business. The amazing features about this service are you can easily install and configure it. You just need 10 minutes and the protection system will be running and protecting your business from a phishing attack. You don’t need to use the phishing course to train your employees, so they won’t click the random link that enters your business email inbox. This service will prevent these kinds of suspicious links and other forms of phishing attack from entering your email.

Some of the useful features from PhishProtection are Smart Quarantine Protection System that can prevent any suspicious email to enter your inbox. Real-Time Link Click Protection feature protects you from the time-delayed phishing attack. Malicious Attachment Blocking will protect you against dangerous attachment, so you don’t need to worry about accidental clicking that opens the attachment and cause more problems. You can find more about this service at

  1. Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity

This company offers protection against phishing with many different types of services. They have the software that you can use and integrate into your system. The software is available in many categories, such as Anti Virus for personal use, phishing protection for business and many more. And, each of that software is designed to be able to give you full protection against a phishing attack.

They also offer help to find the best course for phishing protection training. They have several partners working together with them that will provide the course. By using the course, you will be able to give your company the best protection against phishing. You get it from the software or system provided by this company. And, with trained employees, you also can minimize the risk of having a mistake to click the malicious link in your email by your employee.

  1. PC Protect Antivirus

This is one of the best software for protection against phishing. This software has many useful features. For example, you will get real-time protection and smart scanning system. And, if you compare its ability, you can see that this software has the same ability as what you can get from expensive anti-phishing software.

Moreover, the price to get the protection with PC Protect Antivirus is affordable. They only offer a monthly subscription. So, it’s very useful for you who have a limited budget. Moreover, all of the features you can find in this software are all useful. Unlike other products that add many features but most of them don’t have too much meaning for the protection purpose, PC Protect Antivirus has compact and features you will use.

This software is a great addition for personal use. For business, you may need to use the more advanced and business-designed anti-phishing software. That way you can protect the wide and more complex network and system that a company has.

  1. TotalAV Pro 2019

We can say that TotalAV Pro 2019 is a complete anti-phishing solution. Moreover, it protects your computer against phishing and other online attacks, such as malware, and virus. The best of all, this antivirus also can optimize your computer. It removes junk files and unwanted files that slow down your PC performance. So, with just one product of TotalAV Pro 2019, you get everything that you need.

This software is free. Download it and install it in your system, then you can use it normally. However, if you want to get full protection against all threat, including phishing attack, you can purchase the Pro-version. It’s cheap. You only need to pay for $19 and your free version will be upgraded into Pro-version. The Pro-version offers real-time protection that will protect from phishing and other threats. So, it’s perfect for small business.

  1. PhishMe

This phishing solution offers the simulation service. The service will help you to easily recognize the phishing attack with one glance. More than 800 companies from all over the world recommend this service as the phishing solution. So, we can say that PhishMe is a valuable service you can try. Moreover, this service also has won many awards, such as Cybersecurity Excellence (2016), Information Security Products (2016), and Entrepreneur of the Year (2017).

The features are also satisfying. With the threat intelligence service, it helps you to keep updated with the latest threat that can harm your system. Moreover, this service is also affordable. A small business won’t have any problem to purchase this system. So, if you want to improve your business security system, you can choose this product. Your business will free from email phishing scams.

The Most Important Things

One thing that you must remember about protection from phishing is you can’t depend only on the software, tools and anti-phishing solution provided by those companies. You also need to train your employees and yourself. This is the most important thing to do because mostly the successful phishing attack comes from human error.

Your employee doesn’t notice the phishing email and just click it like that. By providing enough training for them, they will have higher awareness against the phishing attack from the email. So, they won’t easily click any link or open attachments. And, if you combine it with the best software and tool we mentioned above, you will get the best protection from a phishing attack.


The bottom lines are the best way to protect you from phishing is the best tool and enough training. If you have both of them, you don’t need to worry anymore about the phishing attack.

Protection from phishing, hackers, and other types of cyber attacks come under the umbrella term ‘cyber security’.

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