Psychics Predictions For 2023 and Beyond

There is an increasing amount of uncertainty in our daily lives. Recently, we have experienced a pandemic that was unlike any public health crisis we’ve seen since the Spanish flu. A war in Europe, sky-high inflation, and the ever-omnipresent threat of climate change have many people asking questions that we don’t yet have the answers to. When that’s the case, psychics can sometimes provide insight into an unknowable future — a service that data can’t provide. 

Amidst all this global upheaval, the economy has also been unpredictable and concerning. In search of answers, Psychic Source recently asked 100 of their psychics for help navigating these tumultuous economic headwinds. Will we see an upturn this year, or are we in for more twists and turns? Here’s what psychics predict will happen to the economy in 2023 and how it will change over the next two and a half decades.

The Traditional Dollar 

The United States economy has had a turbulent few years. To make matters worse, the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it hard to make sense of it all. If you, like many, hope things will return to some semblance of normalcy soon, you might be in luck. 

Of those surveyed, most were optimistic, with 58% predicting that the economy will become stronger over the next couple of decades. Unfortunately, it also looks like inflation may be here to stay. They predicted that in 25 years, the annual inflation rate will be 8.74%. To put that in context, inflation was only at 1.23% in 2020 and 1.81% in 2019, so this would be a massive increase.

They also predicted that the average price of a gallon of milk will be $8.00, and for gas, it will be a whopping $7.50. On top of that, 62% said that by that point, the U.S. will fall from being the major world power it is today. Maybe that will be one of the reasons for such high gas prices, should all of these predictions come true. After all, the U.S. relies somewhat on foreign nations to meet its national gas demand.

The Digital Dollar

There were also some predictions that would revolutionize the price of goods and services and how we pay for them. For example, 69% of the psychics surveyed said that in the next 25 years, a global digitized currency will be adopted by the masses. This would have an enormous impact on the economy, both in how things are priced and purchased if the same currency were used on a global scale. This scenario would eliminate the cost of converting money for use in different countries and facilitate international trade.

A digitized currency would work similarly to cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, which uses blockchain technology and holds the same value in any country. In the United Kingdom, the British Government is already looking into the process of creating its own digital currency in 2023: the digital pound. So, maybe these psychics won’t have been too far off the mark. Whether you believe in their abilities or not, it might be a good time to look into some tech stocks if you haven’t already. 

Predictions For 2023 

The psychics who were interviewed for the survey were not just concerned with the distant future. They also passed along their predictions about what’s in store for the rest of 2023. While recent years have been hard to predict or even make sense of, according to these 100 psychics, this year is not looking pretty either. For instance, nearly 30% of them predicted that the housing market will crash this year. And while this prediction didn’t account for the majority of responses, it’s still worrying to see over a quarter of psychics agreeing on this. 

What the Future Holds

Of course, predictions are just that. When they’re not based on science and data, they’re not necessarily destined to become reality. So, there’s no reason to panic about the price of milk or gas. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see what predictions psychics come up with, and it will be even more interesting to find out if they come true. Let’s just hope they’re wrong about that housing crash.

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