4 Qualities A Good CBD Oil for Dogs Has

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With many rising companies that offer CBD for your dogs, it gets confusing to find the perfect one after a while. It isn’t surprising that 75% of users are pet owners, and 24% use them on their pets (as seen here: https://drugsinc.eu/en/5-trends-met-statistieken-over-cbd-olie-voor-honden/).

Though the popularity of CBD has been focusing on humans more than their dogs or pets, it didn’t stop many researchers to pursue this product as the subject of their study and focusing on dogs this time. It’s safe to say the effects on dogs are twice fold compared to us humans. Click here to see the high-quality CBD oils that you might want to get for your dogs: https://www.healthcanal.com/best-cbd-oil/dogs

Every dog owner only wishes the best for their pets in times of distress or ailments. But it is also notable that some use CBD products as a way to improve the health of their pets and avoid sickness instead of the other way around. This compound is known to enhance everyday living for dogs in terms of immunity, cardiovascular health, and even giving them a shiny coat. But only a good quality CBD oil can bring this effect about. Read on to know their qualities.

CBD Oil Made For Dogs: 5 Good Qualities To Look Out For

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  1. Tested By 3rd-Party Laboratories

It’s the harsh reality of today. Some companies that promise good quality Cannabidiol oil products are scammers and cheapskates that would do anything to save a dollar, even compromising their quality and safety. Mixed in with them are true-to-their-word, legitimate companies as well that usually get the brunt of the whole ordeal.

This is why some companies use money straight from their pockets to have their CBD tested in an unrelated, independent lab for its quality, purity, and efficacy. In the profiling, lab tests would show how concentrated cannabidiol is, in turn letting you know how much of the product your dog is taking in. It can also detect any impurities and contaminants, such as the presence of metal, molds, and bacteria, which can be a life-threatening danger to your pets.

  1. The Product Has No THC Content

Some states may consider THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) as legal, but almost every state thinks otherwise. The FDA has posted a policy wherein every state that deems THC as illegal will regulate cannabidiol products with 0.3% THC or less, but this is for us humans. For dogs, CBD must have 0% THC content to avoid any chances of poisoning.

This happens because THC for your dog can have detrimental adverse effects such as difficulty in walking, tensing of muscles, wide-open eyes, incontinence, and vomiting. Instead of helping their ailment and bring them comfort, using cannabidiol products with THC inside of them can worsen your pet’s situation, even leading them to death.

You can browse additional source for a company that has 0% THC content in their products. This is why you should be very careful and read labels, reviews, as well as reach out to the company itself for any questions. For extra safety you can even find a company that makes dog treats CBD, as these will be guaranteed not to have THC.

  1. Sourced Hemp Is Of High-Quality

The main ingredient for any cannabidiol product is hemp, a subspecies of the genus Cannabis Sativa. It is where all the Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are taken from, and where all the product is focused on, even the carrier oil. Some companies that use hemp source them from farms they haven’t even seen, or have no tangible evidence of being “top quality”. This is usually a source that offers hemp for a much lower price than normal.

A company that owns its own hemp farm will likely show much knowledge of their cultivation belief and practices, such as soil ph-balance, avoiding pesticides and GMOs, etc. Even a company that sources it from good farmers, and has built a relationship with them will also be able to speak about their experiences while visiting the farm. No phony can fake a knowledge that was taken from experience itself.

  1. Extracted Using The CO2 Extraction Method

The safest method of extracting Cannabidiol is by far the CO2 extraction method. This method uses pressurized CO2 to bring about CBD, and then it is preserved into a cold liquid state. This method preserves the cannabinoids while making sure no contaminants are preserved with it (CO2 is unable to contaminate CBD).

Avoid companies that use propane or hexane, which can be potential contaminants that may put your pets more at risk for sickness. Instead, take a look at this blog that lists all the solvent safe for cannabidiol extraction.

One of those is Olive Oil, which is a naturally occurring oil and is both inexpensive and accessible. Olive oil is also not harmful to dogs or any other animals. Though the only concern is that Cannabis-infused olive oil can be perishable and should be stored accordingly.

Vigilance Is Key

Today, we can’t avoid any ill-motivated companies that plague the cannabidiol market. Instead, as consumers, we should be properly armed with knowledge about cannabidiol to deflect their false promises and dodge a bullet. Make sure to read up those lab reports and ask as many questions as possible, the right companies would welcome it instead of shying away.

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