Quantower Review And Pricing 2023

In today’s fast-paced trading world, having the right platform can make all the difference. While there are many trading platforms created for different types of financial markets and institutions, Quantower stands out with its advanced and progressive solutions that can meet the specific needs of even the most demanding traders. 

In this Quantower review, we will review the most interesting features of the Quantower platform and help you determine if it is the right platform for you. 

What Is Quantower?

Quantower was founded in 2017 in Ukraine. They offer traders the ability to trade forex, crypto, futures, options, and stocks. Quantower is a comprehensive trading software compatible with multiple brokers and data providers, offering businesses of all sizes a wide array of powerful trading features. 

With its features, Quantower assists traders in analyzing the market and making informed decisions. Initially developed as a trading solution for retail investors, Quantower now offers custom solutions for prop firms and other trading businesses.

Quantower Features

  • Multi-asset trading platform: Quantower allows trading of multiple assets such as stocks, options, futures, and cryptocurrencies on different exchanges from a single platform.
  • Customizable workspace: Users can customize their workspace by creating multiple workspaces, adding or removing windows, and using different color schemes.
  • Advanced charting: The platform offers advanced charting tools, including more than 100 technical indicators, drawing tools, and multiple chart types.
  • Market depth and time & sales: Users can access market depth and time & sales data to analyze order book and market movements.
  • Trading ladder: Trading ladder displays order book data in a ladder format, allowing traders to view market depth, execute trades, and manage open positions.
  • One-click trading: Users can place trades with a single click using the one-click trading feature.
  • Portfolio and risk management: The platform provides portfolio and risk management tools, including position sizing, risk analysis, and profit/loss tracking.
  • Data export: Users can export historical market data for analysis in other applications.
  • Automated trading: Quantower offers automated trading functionality, including building and testing of trading strategies.
  • Level II data: The platform offers Level II data for stocks, futures, and options, which provides real-time market depth and order book data.

Quantower Pricing

Quantower offers a range of plans to cater to different needs, from the basic free plan to the all-in-one package. The plans are priced between $40 and $70 per month for monthly billing.

The free plan provides users with one connection to an integrated broker or data feed, allowing them to test the main components of the terminal. The free plan includes basic functionality, such as a single overlay per chart and over 40 technical indicators.

Users who require more advanced features can opt for the paid plans. The Crypto Package, priced at $40 per month, supports all available crypto brokerage and exchange connections, some advanced features hand-picked for crypto traders, and volume analysis tools. Users can also choose to pay quarterly or annually, with a discount available for those who pay in a single installment. A lifetime subscription can also be purchased for $790.

The Multi-Asset Package is priced at $50 per month and includes all available brokerage and data feed connections, advanced features, and volume analysis tools. Quarterly and annual billing options are available, with a lifetime subscription costing $990.

For those who need everything in one package, the All-in-One Package is available for $70 per month. This version includes all connections and paid features, with updates and improvements immediately available upon release. Discounts are also available for those who choose to pay quarterly, annually, or in a single installment. The lifetime package costs $1290.

In addition to the plans, users can purchase third-party functions such as add-ins, strategies, panels, and connections. These functions are developed by third-party providers and require payment, such as the Trade Personal Assistant (TPA) by 3rd Dimension, which costs $30.

There are discounts available for those who opt for 3-month, 6-month, or annual billing options, allowing users to save up to 30%.

Quantower Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Quantower offers downloadable software without registration, making it easy to access and use.
  • The platform is highly modular and customizable, allowing traders to tailor their workspace to their specific needs.
  • Quantower integrates with dozens of brokers, providing a wide range of options for traders.
  • Plans scale up from a free plan to an all-inclusive package, giving users the flexibility to choose the features they need.
  • The trading simulator allows traders to test strategies with proper market data.


  • Quantower has a limited track record compared to more established platforms.
  • While a limited free plan is available, there is no free trial for paid plans, making it harder to try before committing to a subscription.
  • Determining the most cost-effective configuration can be difficult, especially for beginners.
  • The platform was created in Europe and optimized for European traders, which may present unique challenges for American traders, including a lack of connections to some popular brokers.
  • Quantower is only available for Windows

Quantower Alternatives

If you are a Mac User, you can’t currently download the Quantower program. But don’t worry, there are some quality alternatives out there for you. QuantConnect is an algorithmic trading platform that has an active community of over 220,00 members. Check out this QuantConnect review to see why this award winning platform is trusted by so many traders. 

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Is Quantower Right For You?

Quantower is a powerful all-in-one trading platform that offers a range of features and integrations to satisfy even the most demanding traders. The program is available for free and its plans are affordable. However, its complex nature may make it difficult for beginners to navigate. 

If you’re a trader with technical skills looking for a comprehensive solution, Quantower might be the right choice for you. Click here to check it out for yourself.