Queensland Pokies Hit Records in Australia

The Queensland government has recently announced that local players spend almost $300 million on pokies every month. During the pandemic, the popularity of poker machines in Australia has become even bigger. Consequently, players started spending even more money on gambling adventures.

The statement made by the Queensland government doesn’t cover the income of offshore online casinos. Otherwise, the statistical data would demonstrate even bigger spending made by players.

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David McAnalen, an experienced gambler, claims that the stress associated with job and money encouraged high rates in online gambling. It’s convenient to go and gamble whenever you feel like it. And people seem to use this opportunity to the full extent.

Welfare Payments Determined Money Surplus for Gamblers

Alex Russell, the Central Queensland University gambling researcher, mentions that the Australian government welfare payments in the format of JobKeeper and JobSeeker enhance discretionary spending. This had a striking impact on online gambling.

Once some venues started reopening in 2021, the decline in online gambling used to be one of the main expectations. Interestingly, this hasn’t become the case yet.

In Australia, people like using pokies in pubs and clubs. And this trend doesn’t seem to go anywhere. After all, online gambling has turned into a good alternative for those who can’t leave the comfort of their home.

According to Alex Russell, people suffering from the negative consequences of online gambling often think that they have everything under control. Only when something bad happens, they start analyzing the seriousness of the situation. But nothing can be changed. Their money has gone after making unreasonable decisions.

Queensland Determined the Use of the Victorian Approach

According to Alex Russell, every gambler should stop at some point. Whether he/she is on a winning streak for a while, he/she should stop because the luck is about to finish sooner or later. So, it’s important to not lose everything that has been recently won at AussieOnlineCasino.

Tim Costello, Alliance for Gambling Reform manager, has made an interesting statement saying that Queensland has turned the local people into pokies addicts. On average, a spike reaches 20%. He adds that the Victorian government made changes that contributed to the reduction of poker machine usage in an online format. The Victorian government keeps opening hours under maintenance to set up some limits for gamblers. At the same time, the best live casinos available online in 2021 are operating up to 18 hours every day when it comes to live streaming content.

Considering the recent statistical data, the differences in figures are huge, especially in terms of losses, community health issues, domestic violence, psychological health issues, and so on. In reality, less than 25% of Aussies are involved in online gambling. Meanwhile, 50% of those playing are addicted to online gambling.

In fact, 50 cents of every dollar deposited into video poker comes from a person with a gambling issue. The consequences of inadequate gambling behavior include committing crimes, mental disorders, and domestic violence. In the end, the assistance of medical professionals happens to be inevitable.

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