12 Questions Answered About ROBOTICS

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According to Wikipedia: “A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure.” (Image: www.moflon.com)


If you didn’t know, the use of slip rings in robotics is on the rise. Developments in technology all over the word has seen a rise in use of slip rings in robotics.

When these slip rings are used in robotics, they are referred to as robotic rotary joints or robot slip rings.

12 Questions About Robotics and Their Answers

You may have some questions about slip rings for robotics. We have provided answers to 12 of the most unique and unanswered questions people ask about the topic.

1. Do slip rings reduce the danger posed to humans in various industries?

Yes they do! For instance, the number of humans required to manually weld is no longer a necessity in most industries.

The process can be done by a robot using slip ring(s). There are two main advantages of using slip rings in robotics.

The first is that it removes the wage bill of a company/industry as there is no need to employ welders. Secondly, it prevents any danger to the eyes and skin of employees.

2. What is the common feature of robotics technology?

The most common feature is the use of slip rings and electric motors to perform tasks effectively.

3. How are robots used?

They are used for a wide array of essential everyday applications.

For example, slip rings were used in the past in a stationary inlet to transfer power and data signals to a revolving outlet. Today, they have additional tasks to complete.

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Image: adapted from www.moflon.com.

4. Why are Moflon slip rings highly rated?

Compared to other suppliers, our slip rings provide superior transferring capabilities even when rotating at 360 degrees.

With this in mind, our products are durable and offer unimaginable levels of value for money. When you use our products you will be pleasantly surprised at their performance and durability.

5. Are your robotics products used in space related projects?

Slip rings are essential in the performance of robots on any spaceship. Such robots eliminate the need for manual programming of devices and machinery.

This saves time for the crew allowing them to focus on more crucial tasks. Our slip rings have been and are still in use on-board space shuttles.

6. What is the impact of slip ring for robotics when it comes to manual labour?

There are some human tasks, such as transporting objects from one location to another, which are done repeatedly. Slip rings can be used to automate the process.

When this is done, you prevent the need for additional staff and save on your wage bill. Additionally, robotics in this case will not pause for long breaks hence increasing overall output and productivity.

7. Can robotics be implemented in medical treatments?

Yes! Robotics is used in some form of medical treatments. For example, slip ring for robotics are used for laparoscopic robots.

At Moflon, we have a range of electrical slip ring products. They are capable of offering high levels of precision control even when used at very low speeds.

That said, slip rings in robotics deliver accuracy and consistency to surgeons when they need it the most.

8. Are there robotics designed for mining or oil and gas industries?

We have many types of robotics you can use for these industries. Our slip rings are designed for anything from wireless pipe cleaning to drill control.

We also have designs for specific gas and oil mining needs. You can contact us to get a more user-specific and in-depth explanation on slip rings for such systems.

9. What does the term “general robotic use” mean?

The term means any application in the small and medium business that needs robotics. In this case, it can mean anything from floor cleaning robots to in house delivery robots.

10. Are the benefits of robotics more than the dis-advantages?

The benefits of robotics outweigh the disadvantages by far. The following is a breakdown of the benefits:

  • Less downtimes when compared to humans
  • Saves on long time costs
  • Very low risk of sabotage
  • Not prone to disobeying orders
  • Long work hours
  • Minimal risk of inefficiency and low productivity

11. Is the cost of having a robotic system worth it?

Suffice to say the cost of installing a robotic system is not low. However, the initial cost becomes quite low in the long run.

For example, a robotic system is likely to show value for money in cost reduction within a year or two after installation. The use of humans will likely rise due to increase in wages and other types of remuneration.

12. Why are Moflon products, such as electrical slip rings, considered to be the best quality in the market?

At Moflon, we manufacture our slip rings from highly durable materials. They are IP65 sealed making them the best for extreme environments.

Durability of our products is guaranteed by our innovative technology using top-quality components and highly researched designs. Unlike other suppliers, our products require minimal and very low-maintenance during the first and second quarter after installation.

Moflon is able to manufacture your slip rings in different sizes and shapes. We can provide you with a through bore version for wire threading and other electrical cables.

In case you need compact slip rings, we can manufacture for you exactly what you need. We can also design and manufacture a slip or electrical slip ring with its individual useful features.

Some of the features we are able to offer include:

  • Water resistance of up to IP67 standard
  • Best slip rings in robotics designed for harsh environments and using the latest in IP65 sealing developments
  • Design a robotics slip ring that is easily mountable
  • Design a robotics slip ring offering a flat design if your application needs it

Bottom line

We hope that the above information has given you a better understanding of uses of slip rings in robotics. The fact is such products can be used to simplify many processes across majority of industries.

Apart from saving time and making work easier, slip rings go a long way in ensuring your wage bill is at a minimal. They also reduce health risks from potentially dangerous jobs.

Contact Moflon if you have any additional robotics questions or require any type of slip ring. We will be happy to assist you and we guarantee your satisfaction.