Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer in the Bronx

Thousands of car accidents are reported every year, with a significant number of fatalities and injuries attached to them. The statistics are alarming, forcing the law to intervene and seek justice for the victims.

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If you were involved in an accident, and you feel that someone else is to blame for the expenses, injuries, or damages, you might want to bring a Bronx car accident lawyer on board to handle your case. Before making your ultimate decision, we will guide you through some key questions that you should ask every one of your prospective accident attorneys.

What is your educational background and experience?

First things first, you want an experienced lawyer with immense experience to increase your chances of a win in your case. Don’t be shy to ask for licensing papers and certifications that verify you are dealing with a professional.

If it’s important to you, go ahead and inquire about where he or she went to school. Ask them how long they’ve been practicing law and their respective success rates.

Do you specialize in car accident cases?

The law industry is divided into many subsets such as family law, real estate law, criminal law, and so on. Not all lawyers handle car accident cases. Inquire from your prospective Bronx car accident lawyer if they specialize in handling car accident cases.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt inquiring about his or her success rates among all cases dealt with. The higher the success rates and the number of cases handled, the better.

How will you manage my case?

Lawyers use different approaches and techniques when handling cases. Your Bronx car accident lawyer should provide a detailed method in which he or she plans to execute your case from the investigation phase, collection of evidence, negotiations with involved parties, and court proceedings.

Select a lawyer who is ready to handle your case personally without passing it to another attorney within the practice. Make a point of inquiring how many cases the attorney is managing at the moment to avoid overwhelming him or her with work that could turn catastrophic.

Do you think I have a strong case?

Your lawyer should be able to examine your case and determine if you have any chances of a win to avoid wasting money and energy on a lost cause. Your case must offer clear evidence of negligence that caused the car accident. Your attorney’s opinion of the case will help you have a clearer picture and more realistic expectations of the results of the case.

What kind of damages will you claim in regards to my case?

Many damages can result from car accidents, and someone should be liable for them. These damages include property damage, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, and medical bills.

Other intangible losses such as pain, suffering, physical impairment, and emotional distress still count as part of damages caused in a car accident.

With excellent qualifications and experience, your attorney should manage to fight for fair compensation either in court or out of court with the other parties.

What are the expected attorney rates?

Various attorneys charge differently for their services, with some lawyers choosing to charge hourly rates while others charge a flat rate. Other attorneys consider a contingency basis of payment where you will pay them only if the final ruling of the car accident cases favors you. Contingency methods are known to be the best ways to ensure that your chosen lawyer does his or her best to win your compensation.

Damages from a car accident are priceless, but with fair compensation, the situation should be a little bearable. Find a qualified and experienced car accident attorney who has your interest at heart. Choose a personal injury lawyer who feels your pain and suffering and is ready to fight for your triumph.

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