Quick Guide to Web Scraping

There are many ways that data is gathered from various sites across the web. There is a range of different tactics that are used to harvest a vast range of data, which will often then be stored in a database. There are several uses for these processes, which are most commonly referred to as web scraping.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping refers to a series of ways that vast amounts of data from the internet are harvested. Data is extracted from websites and then transferred to a database where it can be used for a wide range of things. Using web scraping software will allow you to gather a huge amount of data in a simple manner that doesn’t require coding knowledge.

This process can be used to create an exact copy of a website, for example, or be used to gather something like social media posts and comments.

While it used to be a far more complicated process that required in-depth knowledge of coding, there are a ton of different tools available today that make it simple and efficient to harvest a huge amount of data from any HTML URL across the web, without the need for complicated technical knowledge.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Web Scraping?

With web scraping proxies, such as provided by Proximy.io, you can easily gather a huge amount of data without fear of getting banned. There are many sites and web companies that will ban IP addresses that are harvesting data from their site. Using a proxy allows you to get around these bans.

In short, it separates the user from the website they are visiting, giving them added protection against bands and providing enhanced privacy and security. Besides, there are also advanced functionality and other privacy solutions available when using a proxy that isn’t without them.

Why Mobile Proxies Are Used for Web Scraping

Using a mobile proxy is a great way to provide the user with advanced security and privacy in their web scraping efforts. What this type of proxy does is make it appear that the user is on a mobile device. This means that your IP address will be masked, providing you anonymity and better security.

Many people like the advantage of using a mobile proxy because it allows them to perform their web scraping efforts while appearing as though they are using a mobile device and shielding their privacy from invasion and also skirting the possibility of IP bans.

Web scraping is a common practice that is used to harvest large amounts of information from various websites. This information may be used to create dummy sites or databases of information to be used for some other business purpose. Using a proxy for web scraping provides enhanced protection and security for the user, without the need for a lot of technical know-how.

A proxy will provide added safety and security for the user and by using a mobile proxy, the user can even trick the website into thinking it is being accessed from a mobile device, all while keeping your actual IP address secure and allowing you to skirt efforts to reduce web scraping through IP bans.

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