Quit dipping tobacco: tobacco-free dip alternatives you have not tried yet

Tobacco is one of the most dependent causing elements. Millions of people all over the world are addicted to tobacco and hundreds of thousands are trying to quit it. Nevertheless, it is a difficult and sometimes undoable task. There are many innovations that are offered by medical centers, however, these methods are not always effective and do not give the desired results.

In many cases, some alternatives offered as fast quitting options are commercial, do not function or are temporal, not everlasting. To quit dipping tobacco there should be another similar product because it is a fallacy that a dipping tobacco addiction can be quit by completely leaving tobacco for a few weeks.

A good alternative to quit tobacco is by using tobacco-free dip pouches. Cbd dips are all-natural products. Fast-acting CBD dip is not only a good substitute for tobacco dips but also a nice way to enjoy something you like. These CBD pouches are perfect for anyone and have maximal absorption directly in the mouth.

Wintergreen CBD Dip

Wintergreen CBD Dips are non-GMO and 100 % natural and completely tobacco and nicotine-free. By using this dip user provides a result of nearly 90% possibility of quitting the adiction.

Mint flavoured CBD dips

These CBD dips have a refreshing mint flavour.

  • Minimal, all-natural ingredients
  • Super convenient.
  • Spit cups are no longer needed.
  • Specifically designed pouches for ease of use.
  • No more yellowish stains on your teeth.
  • No Tobacco or Nicotine

Tea Grind Pouches

Tea grind pouches help to fight against the desire of “I have a bare space in my life and I need to fulfill it”.

Coffee Pouches

  • Vitamin B
  • combats nicotine carvings.
  • reduces the risk of mouth sores
  • absolutely natural

With a double of caffeine, this dip creates a distraction from others.

Spearmint CBD pouches 

The spearmint flavour is mixed with the coffee, which adds energy, however, there is still caffeine present in these pouches, which can be dangerous for certain age or health disorders. It is a good solution if you are a coffee drinker and have no problem with caffeine.

Pumpkin Spice

Tastes just like a pumpkin. This mixture of pumpkin flavour with CBD creates a warm spice blend. This natural non-tobacco-containing remedy can be a good alternative for those who want to quit tobacco.

There are many brands of this product offered online and in specific shops, however, there is also an option to make it at home with the use of CBD pouches and pumpkin. this way you can control the amount of pumpkin flavour added into the pouch taking into account your taste.

Tangy Citrus

CBD infused pouches with the taste of tangy bursts of sour orange and tart lemon are one more all-natural fast-acting CBD dip. It contains no tobacco at all, no nicotine, and is smokeless. Its effect is immediate and it does not fail.

To make a clear idea of what ingredients are in this pouch here is the list of what this product consists of:

  • Organic palm oil
  • Coconut fibre
  • Vegetable glycerol
  • Cane sugar
  • Hemp CBD flakes
  • Acidity regulator
  • Natural flavouring
  • Sweeteners
  • Stabilizer
  • Salt

The correct use of the product is also important. Once the pouch is taken out of the can it should be inserted in between the inner lip and gum. The pouch will release with the saliva. The pouch shouldn’t be moved too much around inside the mouth. In 30 – 40 minutes, the dosage is done, however, there will be no harm if you continue chewing it until the flavour is gone.

There are a lot more CBD plus herbal pouches which are admonished as a tobacco quitting substitute. All-Natural ingredients, quick-acting properties make these non-tobacco dips more and more popular from day to day and are swiping their way through the big competitive market of all types of merchandise.

CBD is getting so popular that it is already present in a wide variety of products such as honey sticks, lotions, oils, gummies, cookies, snacks, and other food. Its positive and fast-acting effect on different aspects of human life and addictions is only rising with day by day studies. There is a wrong perception that natural chewing dips, which can act as non-tobacco dips to quit tobacco addiction, are drugs as they contain cannabis. In fact, it has the same calming effect without HIGH.

In the present world full of opportunities and thousands of varieties of products to create addiction and goods to limit or cure these addictions natural tobacco and nicotine-free CBD containing dips are an excellent alternative that can adapt to any taste due to a large variety of different aromas and dosages. Nearly no secondary effects put the non-tobacco dips in the line with the most effective solutions to quit dipping tobacco.

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