Understanding the Use of Random Number Generators in Online Gaming

Random numbers generators - online gaming

Online games are trendy today. It is not only for the young generation to enjoy but also for the young at heart. A lot of individuals, no matter how old, have become obsessed with online gaming.

But how do these games work? When you’re playing your favorite online games, have you ever thought of how it was made? Are these games fair for all their users, or can it be manipulated? If you are curious and want to understand how these games operate, then you better continue reading.

Everything online that requires random results will necessarily use RNG to run their program. If your application does not utilize RNG, the results generated by your program can be manipulated.

Understanding the Use of RNG

Creating an online game is a very complicated job. You should know the techniques of sophisticated programming before you can even start creating one. Online games are mostly created by professionals who studied for years to earn the knowledge they have right now, which is why it’s okay to trust the fairness of online games.

The most critical component in designing an online game is the use of the Random Number Generator (RNG). Its job is to create an unpredictable sequence with no specific pattern, which allows the game to give a fair chance to all of its gamers. It ensures the game’s randomity, which cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Many people doubt the fairness of online game results, especially online gamblings. But RNG assures that all users will get 100% fairness, including online slots, which are very popular among online gamblers.

RNGs are not only used for online games or gamblings. It can also be found on any program that requires unpredictability. Other fields using RNG in their program are websites that offer statistics and programs where scientists run randomized controlled trials.

Early Uses of RNG

The concept of RNG goes way back, popularly used in divination during ancient times. It was a way for our ancestors to attempt and discover God’s reason why some natural events occur. The unpredictability assured them that their prediction was not manipulated.

The same goes for the current technology, where this concept is commonly used. RNGs were first used for the development of online gambling. It’s the reason why RNGs have always been related to online games and gambling.

RNGs have also become a helpful tool in cryptography to ensure secure communication through digital platforms. It gives the user the option to use an encrypted algorithm, which prevents other individuals from reading a private message.

RNG on Gaming

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The use of the Random Number Generator in games refers to the different outcomes of events each time you play. Results of online games, especially in gambling, are randomly generated by RNG. Nobody can manipulate the result, which is why online gamblings are a reliable alternative to casinos.

However, it is not as simple as it seems. Computers are designed to follow user instructions, which gives it trouble when prompted to produce random numbers. One tool used by developers to make the computer generate a random number is the hardware random number generator. This technology helps by creating an electronic noise to produce random numbers.

Online games that do not use RNG mostly intend to deceive their users. These kinds of programs are not trustworthy, so be very vigilant in choosing a program that requires you to entrust your private details, especially bank information or credit card numbers.

The Importance of RNG

The RNG helps make our online experience secure all the time. It is not only used to generate unpredictable results for games and statistics. Many even use this technology in areas such as politics.

There are two types of RNGs. The first type of RNG is a physical RNG and is based on randomness from an unpredictable environment through noise or photoelectric effects. Software or Pseudorandom RNGs, on the other hand, uses algorithms to produce a number sequence that mimics a random number sequence.

RNG makes sure that humans won’t be able to intervene with the outcome. It is crucial, especially if the user invested money in online gambling. RNG is also essential to keep your users happy, trusting your platform to perform any sensitive statistical reports or analysis.

Random Number Generators ensure that no one can recreate the same order of results again and again. It will also prevent someone from using the recreated sequence to break a program’s encryption and security.


It is vital that online gaming and gambling give a 100% fair and random result. Players will notice if a game is rigged, leading to a  loss in interest with your program. As a creator, it is your responsibility to make sure that your game will satisfy your user and encourage them to use your software. It is how you measure your capacity as a game developer.

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