Have You Ever Tried the RDA with Refilling Oil at the Bottom?

RDA is playing a significant role in vapes. However, owing to the inconvenience of usage, countless vapers choose RTA even if they know that the experience is not great. In order to balance the experience and convenience, the designer has racked his brains to design a new RDA gameplay – Fill the bottom with e-liquid such as Yachtvape Meshlock RDA – Vapeciga.com.

RDA image 333Since the bottom of the oil began to rise, a variety of bottom oiling atomizers have emerged on the market. Plenty of RDAs have also offered a bottom oiling screw in the original factory, so that the top oiled RDA is compatible with the bottom oil filling. So today I want to share with you some tips on the use of RDA with bottom oil.

The traditional RDA uses a direct drip method to add the e-liquid to the cotton at the fastest speed, and the extremely rich smoke atomization experience is obtained through the full storage of the cotton. The bottom oiled RDA such as Yachtvape Meshlock RDA – Vapeciga.com is to change the traditional top drip to the bottom bleed. The e-liquid contacts the cotton foot after the bottom smoke oozes and reaches the vicinity of the coil, which includes the length of the oil guiding line.

RDA Image 243

RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer

The length of this oil guiding route depends on the length of the cotton foot caused by the reasonable height of the RDA coil. In additon, the length of the cotton foot is also attributed to the original structural design of the RDA, which is a mutually restrictive relationship, such as Yachtvape Meshlock RDA – Vapeciga.com. This bottom oil injection route is shorter, nevertheless, we need to pay attention to not overfill. For the reason that its bottom platform is also shallow due to the structure.

This problem is similar to the traditional top-filled nozzle drip method. Although the bottom is covered with cotton, it can store more e-liquid in a single time to reduce the times of oil injections. However, when the bottom is covered with cotton and then the cotton is not handled loosely. As a result, it may cause the oil to return to the bottom. In the case of general use of bottom oiling, as long as the cotton foot is reserved for an appropriate length, the e-liquid oozing out from the bottom platform can be smoothly guided to the vicinity of the coil under non-strict conditions.

As a matter of fact, many RDA products launched today will be distributed with the bottom oil-filling replacement screws for the user to modify. In fact, even if there is no RDA of the original bottom oil-filled screws, the corresponding bottom-loading screws can be purchased from the accessory shop to realize DIY. The most common type of retrofit is the double-column side inlet RDA, which has been selected for use with many of the original bottom oil-filled RDAs. The oil injection of the bottom oiling RDA is a single extrusion, and the oil is stored in an oil storage bottle isolated from the atomization chamber, which has less effect on the oil.

To a lesser extent, the atomization effect between the two RDAs is the same. However, the rate of direct injection of tobacco into the cotton will inevitably be faster than the absorption of cotton from the bottom. The traditional top oiling RDA usage will be simpler and more straightforward. The advantage of bottom oiling is that the oil bottle is integrated into the equipment. The extremely exquisite and convenient out-of-port style is the highlight. If a user can only have an affection on the full atomization of RDA, the bottom oiled RDA equipment such as Yachtvape Meshlock RDA – Vapeciga.com must be the preferred choice for hanging out.

The bottom oiled RDA such as Yachtvape Meshlock RDA – Vapeciga.com can be completely superior than the RTA or RDTA. The playing methods of various vapes also have corresponding advantages, which is also the natural rules of various types. Whereas, through the above suggestions, we can help some friends who are interested in the bottom oiling.The RDA at the bottom of the drip is a pretty good choice for us because it is more convenient and able to avoid oil leakage.