Hiring A Real Estate Agent in Malta

Estate agent MaltaWorking with the right real estate agent makes all the difference. If you are trying to sell an investment property in Malta, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have the right real estate agent helping you with the process.

A capable real estate agent helps you connect with the right potential buyers. The realtor will also market your property in the right way so that you get the best offers. As a buyer, you also want to work with a capable agent for the secret deals and insider knowledge they have.

So, how can you hire a real estate agent in Malta? With the country’s property market growing at a stunning pace, finding a good real estate agent in Malta is easier than ever. These next few tips and tricks will help you get started right away.

Check for Experience

One of the things you want to look into first when reviewing real estate agents is their experience in the Malta property market. You want to look into the agents’ past properties and their experience in the local property market.

This is something you can check by reviewing past ads by the realtors or by asking questions to the real estate agents directly. Ask questions about the market and how the agents approach it to get a better sense of how experienced they are.

Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and ask for references when comparing real estate agents. Talking to past clients of the agents you are comparing is invaluable, since you will be able to get first-hand experience from other property owners who have used the agents’ services in the past.

Based on the information you gather from these sources, you should be able to gauge just how experienced the real estate agents are. The rest should be easy from here.

Review Other Listings

The property market in Malta is unique because it is highly segmented. This is why you will find real estate agents specialising in international clients, and others who focus more on the local market. Depending on the property you want to sell, targeting one or the other may be better.

One way to do this is by checking other listings managed by the agents. See if you can find those listings easily when searching for realtors online, and whether each listing includes the right amount of information to get you interested in buying the properties.

What you are doing is positioning yourself as a potential buyer. This is what other potential buyers will experience when they look into your property. If you like the experience you get, it is time to continue with the next tip, which is….

Estate agent Malta 22Talk About Achievements

What is the biggest transaction ever handled by the agent? Who was the most interesting buyer or property owner? What awards or certifications does the agent hold? These – and some others – are detailed questions that you need to ask next. At this point, you want to check for achievements and credentials.

A good real estate agent works for you. There are codes and ethics governing how real estate agents must conduct their business in the field. Asking these questions will give you a better idea of how accomplished the real estate agent is and whether you can expect the best representation when working with the agent.

Malta is yet to establish an official government agency responsible for licensing real estate agents and agencies, which is why you need to focus on achievements and personal approach rather than reviewing licenses. Some agents do have licenses issued by independent bodies like Future Focus, and those licenses are great additions to the agent’s reputation.

Go Through the Steps

Lastly, make sure you go through the steps of selling your property before hiring the real estate agent and putting your asset on the market. This means reviewing the steps the agent will take to list your property, connect with the right potential buyers, receive and negotiate offers, and help you follow through with the sale.

If you are comfortable enough with the insights you have gathered up to this point, you know you have a good real estate agent to work with. All you need to do next is work with the real estate agent to get the best offer on your property.