3 Reasons Why Using Real Estate Marketing Postcards Can Help You to Gain New Customers Quicker Than Other Methods!

For many realtors, real estate postcards are an excellent choice. Such postcards are an exceptional way to create brand awareness and engage potential clients. Read further for tips on the advantages of sending these postcards to help you to gain new customers quicker than other methods:

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Postcards?

There are several reasons why realtors use real estate agent postcards. Here are three:

  • A real estate postcard will probably be kept by at least a handful of your recipients who may be wanting to sell or buy down the line. Unlike email marketing which easily can be deleted or overlooked, a postcard may be kept as a physical reminder.
  • You can send postcards to people on a whole mailing route without even requiring addresses or names, with Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®). It’s ideal for sending postcards to the ones in a community you want to target.
  • Postcard mailings are an outstanding method of marketing to residents within your target market.
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Realtor Postcard Benefits

‘Realtor postcards’ is one other commonly used word for real estate marketing postcards, click here to learn more about it. Also, this may refer to a postcard that represents one realtor instead of a real estate company.

Realtor postcards do not just have photos of represented properties, yet also might include a professional and friendly picture of the realtor. Such postcards may assist recipients in mentally “putting a face to a name” and building trust and familiarity in your target area.

Video – Real Estate Postcard Templates

Ideas for real estate marketing postcards

There are several ways to be creative through the use of postcards, and we have no shortage of real estate marketing postcards ideas to get you up and running with your initial campaign. Consider these postcard ideas or you can come up with your own ideas!

Real estate marketing postcards often are used to:

  • Real estate marketing postcards remind residents to get prepared to list their homes as spring arrives.
  • Thank customers for referrals.
  • Highlight foreclosure vs. short sale options.
  • Emphasize the advantages of working with a realtor vs. the process of ‘For Sale by Owner’.
  • Focus on the benefits of renting vs. buying.
  • Celebrate – A lot of realtors send out postcards that say, Happy Home Anniversary, or Congrats postcards when a client moves into their new house.
  • Encourage residents to take up a free offer, such as a free property valuation.
  • Advertise bank-owned homes that have low pricing.
  • Encourage people who are undecided about moving to evaluate their options.
  • Advertise cash purchase real estate schemes.
  • Present a new real estate agent to your neighborhood.
  • Invite neighbors to your open house.
  • Alert people whose houses haven’t yet sold about your existence in the market.
  • Show success. “Just sold” postcards are popular.
  • Alert residents to newly listed homes that encourage interest in properties and exemplify the caliber of houses the agent offers on the market.
  • Boost leads.
  • Build familiarity in target areas and brand recognition.

Whether you are on the lookout for real estate listing postcards, “just sold” postcards, or other types of real estate postcards, a professional mailing and printing company may offer the high-quality mailing and printing services needed.

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