Reasons to Use VPS with a Forex Expert Advisor

In the modern trading world, there has been much talk about the use of VPS or a Virtual Private Server, especially since online trading gained popularity. The cost of electricity, power outages, Internet latency, hardware failures, trade distance, all of these make your home or workplace not suitable to run a Forex Trading platform. To bypass this problem, VPS technology has bridged this gap. This is more evident in the fact that almost all major brokers and forex expert advisors have started including VPS  as of now. 

For those who don’t know, a VPS can be defined as a virtual machine that operates independently. VPS compatibility has now become almost a staple in almost all forex ea programming. With the help of a VPS, traders can rest assured that their forex robots or expert advisors are running on a dedicated server that runs 24/7 without disruptions. 

For newcomers still unconvinced about the advantages of using VPS with a forex expert advisor, the following reasons are sure to change their minds. 

  • Speed of execution

Traders who run expert advisors always prioritise the speed of the connection and order execution. It is absolutely imperative that forex robots are hosted as close as possible to the services and networks they will be interacting with. Fortunately, VPS offers the fastest available connection speed for your trading applications, including forex robots. Most reputed VPS service providers have their servers located in New York and London to deliver lower latency  (faster connectivity)  to major brokers and financial networks. This improves order execution by many folds. 

  • Improved accessibility

Normally, a website that is hosted from a home or office computer instead of a web hosting server will not be very reliable. Similarly, this principle applies to a forex robot as well. Any kind of trading software becomes much more reliable when moved to a VPS or dedicated hosting solution. Reliable VPS providers make sure that the onboarding process is as seamless and streamlined as possible. With a good VPS system you can :

  • Setup multiple accounts or platforms on the same VPS. 
  • Delegate user access to allow multiple people to view the desktop simultaneously, no matter where they are. 
  • View your trading platform from different devices without interference. 
  • Starting MT4 or MT5 and keeping it online 24/7 throughout reboots of your local PC or disconnections from the internet.
  • Increased security

Whether it’s a trader’s MT platform or any advanced financial trading software, adequate system security is critical for all applications. By offloading the forex robot to a remote system dedicated to a single purpose, there are implicit security benefits to be realised. Many reputed VPS providers have Windows Server VPS templates which are continuously updated to protect from all possible threats. It is always good to choose a VPS service that monitors its host servers and core network components on a 24/7 basis. They should also have professional teams on standby who can help solve emerging issues or points of congestion. 

  • Receiving easy upgrades

Using a VPS can help traders forego the work that goes into estimating capacity requirements and planning physical hardware upgrades. Instead, all resource allocations for VPS are handled in the cloud. Service providers can upgrade, downgrade or provision new systems based on requirements and demand. Thus, as a trader, you only pay for the resources you need. 

  • Solving existing challenges

When trading forex, any outside disturbance or phenomenon such as computer viruses, connection failures, and power cuts can result in significant losses. This is especially true during periods of market fluctuations where every second matters. With a VPS however, you can guarantee that your trading terminal is always connected to high-speed internet. You no longer have to worry about traditional hardware problems that would otherwise impede trading nor about latency. 


A VPS can handle transactions much more effectively than a normal computer since the execution of orders is much easier. It is the only technology that guarantees a connection to high-speed internet without any interruptions. To get the best services, you should always go for reputed and experienced VPS providers that can offer you a solution that is tailored to your needs. 

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