7 Reasons to Use Agile Development When Building a Website

The traditional process used to building a website involves following a series of steps that take you from the planning stage to deployment. Unfortunately, this method can make it challenging to add new features or scrap ideas that aren’t working as planned. Thankfully there are now professional web development services that can help you.

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Utilizing an agile eCommerce solution solves this problem. It allows the web development process to be more of a simultaneous collaboration, which allows for greater flexibility, higher productivity, increased project control, and more predictable delivery time.

What Is Agile Development?

Understanding why using an agile eCommerce development solution can be best is easier to explain by examining the traditional software development method. Starting a project typically requires a planning stage that includes gathering documentation and analysis. It then moves into the design stage, coding, and testing.

Once these are completed, the project is deployed. Using this rigid, sequential process can be slow and makes it challenging to add a new feature or remove an area of the project that isn’t working as planned. Once this type of project is underway or completed, it can be tough to make alterations.

In contrast, using an agile approach to web development allows for flexibility and a simultaneous collaboration from content creators, designers, project organizers, and customers. Team members work on small portions at the same time. Developing with this method allows for easy adaptability and the introduction of new ideas or scrapping plans that don’t work.

What Are the Benefits?

Using an agile eCommerce web development solution provides the following benefits when building or redesigning a website:

– Increasing Control of a Project

Completing small chunks of a project at a time allows for more transparency after each sprint is completed. Changes can be quickly made to keep a project flowing in the right direction. As explained by Contentful, you can “spin up seasonal lookbooks as quickly as trends are made or seamlessly link product catalogs to customer segments.”

– Boosting Productivity

Having more team members working at once increases productivity and efficiency.

– Reducing Risk

Using this approach creates more communication between team members and a customer, reducing the risk of having poor functionality or a project that fails to meet expectations.

– Faster Delivery:

Implementing a schedule of quick sprints can make it more predictable to add or eliminate features and determine a time for deployment of a project.

– Adding Flexibility:

Without the need to follow rigid steps, it increases flexibility and allows necessary changes to occur.

– Improving Customer Satisfaction:

Receiving input from a customer during the web development process helps increase visibility and enables a customer to make changes or improvements when needed.

– Providing More Value:

Utilizing the ability to make changes and understand what’s required helps provide more value to a customer and delivers a better product.

Using an agile eCommerce web development process when starting a website from scratch or working on a redesign should help you complete a project that meets expectations. In all likelihood, it will also be finished much faster.

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