8 Reasons Why You Need A Custom Pop-Up Tent

These days, there are plenty of ways to promote your brand and make sure that people are aware and excited about your business. One of the crucial ways, besides using traditional marketing methods, is using custom pop-up tents. Whether you’re setting up booths, or stalls, attending a corporate event or a trade show, canopy tents are one of the most efficient ways of drawing customers’ attention to your business.

You might use 10×15 pop-up tents, 16×16 pop-up tents, or 8×8 pop-up tents depending on the space you have but the shade solution is likely to bring footfalls to your enterprise. In most cases, business exhibitions undoubtedly turn to all-white, bland canopies to shade their tents. But we ask you not to make that mistake because it offers no value to passersby. However, if you can install a colorful and vibrant custom pop-up tent, you can rest assured that it will be worth your investment.

In this blog, we will tell you about a few advantages of using pop-up tents that you can consider using at your next marketing event — be it in an exhibition or trade show. Read on…

    • Portable: When you need to disassemble tents quickly, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting caught up on something and losing time. But custom canopies are easy for you to reuse for different events because of their ease of accessibility and portability. If you are alone, you can always call for help to carry them to and fro the parking lot comfortably. At times, the manufacturers also provide you with carrying bags that make travel easier.
    • Brand awareness: If you want to promote your brand in an effective way and increase the business’ image in customers’ eyes, custom popup tents will help you do just that. They are the most operative brand promotion tools because they are something that everybody notices. So it actually requires very less effort on your part and you get the job done easily.
    • Installation: Be it 10×15 pop-up tents, 16×16 pop-up tents, or 8×8 pop-up tents, the main reason why the devices are so portable is that they are foldable. It implies that they can be installed and uninstalled comfortably. In fact, you can do it yourself if you have time on your hand. If you have enough hands on deck to help, your tent will be set up in no time. 
  • Durable: If you are installing the tent in an outdoor area, you have to consider the unpredictable weather conditions. It might be nice and sunny one time and sudden showers might roll in the very next moment. So you need to purchase canopies that are waterproof and durable. Some of the materials in canopies are even fire retardant. 
  • Weight: The weight of the tent will depend on the size that you purchased. But on most occasions, the canopies for the 10×15 pop-up tents, 16×16 pop-up tents, or 8×8 pop-up tents are lightweight and can even be carried by hand from the parking lot to the pitching area. 
  • Versatile: Irrespective of the location — festivals, indoor expos, outdoor events, trade shows — custom pop-up tents can fit anywhere seamlessly. Whatever event you’re attending for the day or night, these tents can easily attract visitors anywhere. You can also customize them to target any audience niche or demographic.
  • Interest: When you’re participating in a large event with other commercial enterprises as your competitors, we can tell you all those businesses are competing for the most foot traffic. The key is to catch peoples’ eyes and grab hold of their attention. So you need to choose a design with bold colors and dazzling patterns that can generate interest in your business.
  • Accessorise: Your customers have a very short attention span and you need to make your pitch in that short time frame. A good way to do that is to spruce up the tents with accessories. According to a survey, it was found that visitors are most likely to stop by a vendor who has a professional and attractive tent rather than a generic one. Use accessories like vinyl banners, feather flags, and retractable banners to reach out to consumers. 


There are plenty of businesses that are competing with each other in industrial fairs, trade shows, and exhibitions to attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, it’s not going to be a cakewalk for you to stand out and establish your brand among your fellow competitors. However, to make that process easier, you can use the help of custom pop-up tents.

The tents will ensure that a good crowd turns up in your store. And that could be your first step in earning a profit and building a customer base. However, before you purchase a canopy, we will suggest you figure out your needs first. This will help you to find the custom tent for your business.

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