Recap Sigenergy’s Journey on Intersolar Europe 2024: See Their Latest Energy Storage

As one of the most vital exhibitions in the realm of the solar energy industry, Intersolar Europe 2024 ended recently, from June 19th to 21st. Held annually in Messe München, Munich, Germany, this event attracted industry professionals from around the world, showcasing the latest innovations and discussing trends and solutions to the industry’s challenges.

What was more exciting in Intersolar Europe 2024 was the presence of Sigenergy, a professional battery storage system manufacturer. As a critical player in the solar storage industry, they exhibited at Booth B1.579. During the time of Intersolar Europe 2024, Sigenergy majorly presented two solutions: the latest release for C&I solution, SigenStack, and the advanced energy storage system, SigenStor. 

What is a SigenStack? 

In Intersolar Europe 2024, Sigenergy released the latest C&I energy storage system manufactured: SigenStack. It is specifically designed for commercial projects ranging from 2MWh to 5MWh, comprising two components: a hybrid inverter, , and a commercial storage battery. 

  1. Various Power Ranges

With 5 power ranges, including 50kW, 60kW, 80kW, 100kW and 110kW, their Inverter Series attracted many visitors’ eyes, especially for the highest power version. That’s because Sigenergy’s 110kW inverter is the smallest and lightest commercial inverter in its power class worldwide due to its exceptional structural design, optimized heat dissipation, and overall system design. So, it facilitates more accessible and more cost-effective transportation and installation for C&I projects to enjoy green and smart energy simply and quickly.

  1. Versatile for Different Configurations

Equipped with a dedicated storage interface, these inverters are ideally suited for PV-only, storage-only, or combined PV + storage demands. This adaptability allows customers to customize their energy configurations to meet their unique needs, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in usage. 

  1. Scalable Battery Capacity

Another upgrade in Signergy’s SigenStack is its battery system. Users of SigenStack are available to experience their new BAT 11.0 batteries, the largest one manufactured by Sigenergy. Its stackable design is capable of supporting a stack of 4 to 7 battery modules. With modular design, it is able to cater to various needs of different clients. More powerful is that users are allowed to accommodate up to 21 modules, storing more than 220kWh power when connecting the 110kW Inverter Series.

It is not an end. By interconnecting multiple energy storage systems, it is possible to undertake large-scale energy storage projects in the megawatt-hour range with many inverters connected.

SigenStack changed visitors’ impressions of the C&I energy storage system since they had exhibited it at their booth at the Intersolar Europe 2024. This newly released C&I solution not only showcased Sigenergy’s leadership in technological innovation but also set a new standard in the industry, promising to drive future developments in C&I energy storage systems.

What is a SigenStor? 

Another highlight of Sigenergy’s presence in Intersolar Europe 2024 was their 5-in-1 energy storage system, SigenStor. This is a marvel of engineering that integrates multiple critical components into a single, cohesive unit. This advanced energy storage system includes a Battery PCS for stable and efficient power conversion, a high-capacity battery to support sustained energy demand, an EV DC Charger for high-powered electric vehicle charging, a PV Inverter to convert solar energy into usable AC power, and an EMS to monitor and manage the performance and efficiency of all integrated components. 

Above all, this integrated energy storage system is perfect for residential use because of its simplicity and well-equipped features. For the details in its battery storage, Sigenergy often recommends applying a 5kWh or 8kWh Sigen Battery and supporting a maximum of 6 battery packs in one unit so that families can select the precise battery capacity to meet their power basis on a day. In its operation, SigenStor has a 5-layer protection mechanism and insolation of malfunctioning parts to ensure battery safety at home and system availability under unknown technical errors for ordinary people. In its management, SigenStor can achieve real-time monitoring and self-optimization on energy flow via AI algorithms automatically, rather than requiring manual complicating steps so as to maximize energy utilization and meet changeable on-grid power supply easily. For support, mySigenApp is integrated with one of the most powerful LLMs, GPT-4, which allows users to ask any question about SigenStor and energy management, giving every family has a simple and smart experience to utilize and benefit from the green power.

It can be used for commercial scenarios as well, and the distinguished features include:  

  1. From Residential to Commercial Energy Storage: Fits All Businesses

Due to its modular design and identical warehouse SKU, the process of installing, maintaining and commissioning the SigenStor is the same for being applied at homes or C&I applications. From the perspectives of distributors and installers who attended Intersolar Europe 2024, they recognized that SigenStor had less pressure on the warehouse stocks, less concern about labor costs, and more opportunities for expanding the selling market on the solar energy storage market. 

In the battery capacity, they give back the right to your clients. 

For the C&I energy storage demand under 2MWh, SigenStor can show its capability in energy storage further. To face the large energy consumption but tilt towards sustainable commercial projects, Sigenergy delivers a solution with 8-48 kWh storage capacity and up to 20 parallel units, which can store over 960 kWh of power to handle the peak-hour stress. 

  1. From On-Grid to Microgrid: Fits All Systems

The applicability of Sigenergy’s 5-in-1 advanced energy storage systems in both on-grid and micro-grid setups is exceptional due to its advanced technological integration and versatile functionality.

For on-grid applications, SigenStor can seamlessly integrate with the existing utility grid and the battery pack, enhancing grid stability and energy efficiency. Its ability to switch instantaneously (0 ms) between power sources through Energy Gateway and patented software algorithms ensures that users experience no interruption in power supply, which is crucial during grid instabilities or outages. This feature not only supports continuous operations in residential and commercial settings but also bolsters the grid during peak load times by supplying stored energy.

In micro-grid applications, this advanced energy storage system shows its true versatility and innovation. Paired with the Energy Gateway, this 5-in-1 integrated energy storage can operate independently from the primary grid. This capability is vital for some specific geographic areas, such as remote and rural communities, high-demand blocks, or areas prone to natural disasters. Additionally, Energy Gateway makes it possible to connect SigenStor with alternative power sources, such as diesel generators. It further enhances its resilience, providing a reliable energy supply even in the most challenging environments. 

  1. From Somewhere to Anywhere: Fits All Places

On the exhibition days, visitors were intrigued by this concept quite a lot. They’ve witnessed the development of energy storage systems, and have perceived conventional energy storage solutions has several limitations, in particular in the installation requirements for place and space. 

Firstly, systems like large-pumped hydro storage or container-based ESS necessitate substantial physical space. Often, these systems require the construction of dedicated buildings or structures to house the extensive storage equipment. This becomes a considerable challenge in urban environments, where space is at a premium and not readily available for such large-scale installations.

They appreciated that Sigenergy had delivered a reasonable solution. With SigenStor, there is less confusion on the determination of place and space, especially for C&I energy storage. With its 5-in-1 integrated design and IP66 rating, it can save up to 50% installation space, empowering installers to complete the setup anywhere. From inside to outside, this advanced energy storage system can be placed in a narrow zone, arranged in the corridor, leaned against the wall, stationed on the top floor, and more. 


Intersolar Europe is one of the most reputable exhibitions in the solar energy industry. Sigenergy, a 2-consecutive-year exhibitor, completed their incredible journey successfully in Messe München. As one of the leading solar energy storage manufacturers with around 70% R&D personnel, Sigenergy is always dedicated to studying and innovating the best solution for residential and C&I applications.

That’s why SigenStack and SigenStor come onto the stage, wielding their power to let everyone enjoy the green energy and achieve energy independence. In the future, Sigenergy will continue to bring more intelligent, more powerful, and more personalized solar energy systems to the world. 

If you are interested, please visit Sigenergy’s official website to learn more information and follow their latest result! 

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