Recent Trends In Dubai’s Real Estate Business That Will Stun You

Dubai has always been a leading country in the real-estate business as it reigns supremacy each year. 

With the highest transactions of 90,881 in 2022, it has set the world’s real estate market to level up. With each passing year, Dubai’s monetary growth of Villa for Sale in Dubai has progressed. 

But the question is;

Will the end of this year narrate a different tale? Or will Dubai be the highest on record? Read the blog furthermore to know the predicted truth. 

2023 Will Set A Different History!

The upward growth continued at the beginning of 2023, with property management companies in Dubai contributing to the market’s stability, but things may change by the end of this year. Here are some arising trends that will predict the market:

Rise Or Decline?

Over the past years, Dubai has been the country that is moving on the high spectrum of price rises, but this year, it’s different. We are witnessing a slight incline, but there is a percentage decline compared to previous years. 

This can be good news for buyers from different countries wanting to invest in Dubai’s real estate. Before the dynamics changed, 2023 could be the right time for local buyers to invest in property and build an asset for themselves. 

With this, the Real Estate Agent Dubai claims there will be some impact on the property market. As you know, 70% of the transactions dealing with real estate are carried out in the form of cash, which might affect the mortgage industry and other industries.

Emerging Rent Agreements Renewals 

Dubai real estate agents state that Dubai is experiencing a rise of approx 27.5 in rental agreements. The average price of the rental agreement has gone up to AED 91,795. 

The growing rise in rental agreements has allowed more renewals to take place. Since the rent of new apartments is up in the sky, the accommodators choose renewals to save money and the discomfort of searching, relocating, and paying for a new place. 

It’s said that the renewal of the rental agreement will keep up in 2023 compared to renting a new apartment due to global inflation. 

Affordable Apartments Take Up The Hype

The increasing prices will always stay, and so will the buyers’ search for a spacious, affordable apartment. 

Various locations like International Cities, Liwan, and Discovery Garden are the first choice of buyers. The average price of 1 and 2 BHK apartments varies from AED 232,000, AED 324,000, to AED 676,000 for studios.

The most affordable and attractive commodity in Dubai for tenants is Discovery Garden and Dubai sports city. 

According to the reports, it is believed that Dubai will receive more traffic in 2023 because of low pricing.


If you want to buy a luxury villa for sale in Dubai or other properties, now is the time. With this, we also conclude that the prices are rising but at a low pace. 

Therefore this year is the perfect opportunity for buyers to invest in real estate.

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