Recently Launched Cryptocurrencies & Expectations in 2022

New cryptocurrencies are being launched almost every week. Many new exciting crypto tokens are planned to be launched this year. Some have already been launched and can already be found on a trading platform. Kasta, MagnetDAO, and Covenant are some of the most notable additions.

Some of the new cryptocurrencies scheduled to be launched this year include Dogeon, Infinite Skies, Weley Metaverse, Galaxy Fight Club, and Cardashift.

So, what do some of these already launched coins offer and how do new launches in the crypto landscape look in 2022. Find out in this guide. Apart from these coins, you must also know about Dogecoin to get a good profit.

What is Magnet DAO?

Magnet DAO is formed due to the evolution of the reserve currency protocol. It offers yields to token holders in the form of rewards based on its protocol-controlled value. It also makes use of its treasury reserves to invest in innovative projects.

Magnet DAO is different from the early-stage reserve currency protocols. It has evolved not just to achieve the highest-possible market cap and treasury. It puts its 10% bond profits into other cryptocurrency assets. This makes DAO a high-quality, on-chain venture fund.

The crypto also helps with incubating and developing projects from their early stages. Every token acquired comes under the ownership of the treasury. This helps build exponential value for investors.

Some of the key features of this crypto are as follows:

  • Besides developing a sufficient treasury, it also emphasizes the portfolio management of the treasury.
  • The treasury is put to use to drive returns through development, incubation, and investment in early-stage projects. These are opportunities that are usually not available to the average investor.
  • Generating risk-free returns on Magnet DAO’s stablecoins, and turning them into high-value assets.

What is the Kasta Crypto?

Kasta is developed as a crypto payment platform. It is created to redefine digital payments by allowing instant and global peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions. The platform is created with the goal to ensure global crypto adoption and developing a crypto-based economy. It is co-founded by a Youtuber known as The Moon.

Importance of Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Mainstream adoption is a major challenge for new and lesser-known altcoins. Many projects follow an ecosystem-based approach. This creates barriers to entry. This makes it challenging for new entrants to integrate. This is an important aspect in the case of Kasta which is trying to take the general financial world from a fiat currency-based economy to a crypto-based economy.

Kasta does actually fix many problems associated with fiat-based payment systems. Just a few ones include expensive transaction fees and long transfer times for international transactions.

The current crypto payment systems also have certain issues even when the list of problems is smaller. The currency exchange procedures can be complex. Users also have to deal with long crypto wallet addresses.

Kasta has proven to be effective in making P2P payments a breeze. It has standardized many features that are available with popular payment apps such as PayPal. A notable feature, the easy swap engine, enables seamless currency exchanges no matter whether you use fiat or crypto for making payments. The engine also lets users on-ramp/off-ramp fiat currencies. This makes it easier for beginners to gain easy entry into this payment system.

Kasta takes its ease-of-use model to the next level with its simple crypto wallets. It also offers a buy-now, pay-later model, further simplifying the process.

Some of the other crypto coins that have been added more recently include Dhabi Coin, Mini Tiger, FirstHare, Wine shares, Spectra, SuperBonds, Octafarm, Jungle, and LORDS.

Cryptocurrency Expectations in 2022

It is not just the new cryptos that will be the center of attraction this year, many existing blockchains are expected to be updated and upgraded. This can involve adding new features to existing systems and this may affect performance and pricing. For example, Ethereum 2.0 is planned to be launched this year. While Axie Infinity’s AXS is expected to integrate certain system updates, THORchain has plans for releasing a new mainnet.

While all these new cryptocurrencies and updates are launched, it is important for investors to conduct their research before investing. It is important to check the value and projects behind any system before committing any money to it.

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