Recommendations To Ace Your Italian Investor Visa Process On A Budget

An investor visa is primarily about money as it requires you to bring hefty funding to the destination country. While it is a popular immigration route for people with high net worth, not everyone considers it apt due to the financial challenge. However, things are different with the Italian investor visa because it may actually be within your reach. You only need to know the money facts and recommendations to cruise through the immigration process. Moreover, you can apply with Bersani Law Firm&Partners to make the journey smoother. Let us share the expert-backed money recommendations to ace the Italian investor visa process.

Determine your immigration budget

The first money tip is to determine your immigration budget. Essentially, it includes the amount you can invest on the visa process, moving expenses, travel costs, and the budget for setting up a new home in Italy. The cost runs higher if you plan to bring along your family. Moreover, your family size determines the final bill. Consider these factors and decide the amount you can afford to spend.

Compare the investment alternatives

Once you know your budget, you can assess and compare the investment alternatives for the Italian investor visa. The good thing is that you need not invest millions to get in as €250,000 is the minimum funding requirement for the process. You have to provide the sum to an innovative startup. There are other options to explore, but the funding requirements go higher for them.

Have the funds ready in the bank

Whichever investment alternative you choose, you must have the money ready in the bank before starting the process. Although you do not have to bring the funds before completing the steps, proof of funds is essential to obtain a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta). Ensuring depositing the amount and getting your bank statements as they serve as valid evidence.

Fly in with the money

Another recommendation investor visa aspirants cannot miss out on is to have the funds at hand when they land in Italy. You can obtain a residence permit on landing, and it sets the clock ticking to bring the investment to the country. The money has to come within a three-month period, failing which you may face dire implications. At this stage, you must know that your family can join you without extra funding, provided you can prove sufficient income to support them.

Invest for the long haul

Being ready for long-term investment is another crucial money aspect to bear in mind while applying for the Italian investor visa. Retaining the funds during an extended stay of a decade in Italy makes you eligible for citizenship by investment. Consider it an easy way to buy one of the most powerful passports for yourself and your loved ones. Meanwhile, you can live and work in the country as a resident until you get citizenship status.

Although the Italian investor visa requires considerable investment, the ease and simplicity make it worthwhile. Moreover, it sets you up for citizenship down the line. Follow these money recommendations and choose an expert to guide you throughout the road.

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