Red Piranha Develops the World’s Fastest and the First eCISO or Electronic Chief Information Security Officer Service

Australia-based Red Piranha Ltd. has recently created the first electronic Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) service to provide a holistic defence against cybercrimes. With this service, companies can safeguard sensitive information and protect confidentiality using cutting-edge technologies and proven security techniques with multi-layered protection.

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More than 90% of the companies face an acute shortage of cybersecurity talent in the current global scenario. Due to the paucity of funds or appropriate skills, Australia alone has less than 100 companies with a CISO on the payroll. Red Piranha has developed eCISO which will enable better security management. It works as a component of its successful Crystal Eye UTM Platform to resolve cyber-security issues.

Speaking at an event, Red Piranha’s CEO, Mr Adam Bennett stated, “Our eCISO is an automated service that integrates with our Crystal Eye, producing in-depth compliance reports and helping organisations generate a comprehensive, deliverable, information security plan. The best protection comes from knowledge and a holistic security program. Red Piranha can provide that on an ongoing basis and at a fraction of the cost. Our eCISO service keeps you secure, around the clock, from anywhere in the world.”

Cost-effective security plans

The company provides cost-effective security plans for small and medium-sized enterprises. As an end-to-end security system, Red Piranha’s eCISO service will allow the organisations to detect and respond to cyber threats. It uses an active security plan that meets the compliance requirements to protect against legal actions and safeguard the business’s reputation. The service works across the network to maintain integrity and confidentiality through multiple layers.

The CISO is a senior-level executive position in an organisation that requires top-level talent and high salaries. However, according to industry standards, Red Piranha’s eCISO service reduces this cost and provides efficient solutions at not more than 25% of an experienced CISO’s salary. Explaining this further, Mr Bennett said, “With our eCISO solution, you only pay for what you need; whether it’s just expert advice to grow the skills of your current staff or an end-to-end managed service, we can cover all angles.”

Protecting intellectual property

The laws on information security are getting stringent every year. Compliance with these security requirements is imperative for companies to protect their intellectual property. The organisations can operate within the industry-related framework and maintain compliance in every region of the world with Red Piranha’s eCISO solutions. It offers holistic security around the clock from any place in the world.

Electronic or virtual CISO oversees the security mechanism in an enterprise and ensures continuity and compliance. The service package includes vulnerability scanning, network traffic analysis, network asset monitoring, annual security review & reporting, information security policy documentation, remote ISMS response & escalation, and staff awareness training.

Red Piranha is among a few cybersecurity service providers in Australia with an ISO 27001:2013 accreditation for its commitment to providing compliant security and technology solutions following the global standards. It provides customized security controls and processes to maintain compliance, continuity, and security.

The organisations have better visibility on the person entrusted with their security by investing in an electronic CISO solution. The service comes with a world-class support system to offer multi-layer protection for the MSPs and businesses handling sensitive client data.

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