Five Tips to Help You Regain Power in Your Job

In your job, you may sometimes feel powerless – like you’re working hard without recognition, and that you’re not appreciated or nurtured within your company. This powerlessness can cause fatigue, nihilism and the feeling that whatever you do, you’ll stay in the rut of your current job, and you’ll never progress to the level that you wish to.

Regain power in the workplace image for article bbxx99If this feels familiar to you, it’s because it’s a very common issue – but it is also one you can counter. The five tips below will help you gain power in the workplace, helping you achieve the position you’re searching for in your working life.

Hard Graft

There’s no doubt that the following tips will be worthless if you’re not also putting in the hours and working hard to make your role indispensable in your company. Whatever work it is that you do, make sure that it’s of the highest-possible standard, and take great pride in the work that you produce. By doing this, you’ll have excellent leverage over your company when it comes to talks about promotions.

Look at Others

Now, it’s time to compare yourself to others in your company. Why are they progressing while you are stuck in the same rut? What is it that gives them power over your managers, yet leaves you feeling powerless?

If there is something of a bias operating in your office, this is where you might detect it. And if there is workplace discrimination taking place, a commercial law solicitor can help you hammer out a complaint and a legal challenge against your employer.

Your Contract

This is also the time to look into your contract to see what rights and responsibilities it contains. Look to see if you’re doing something wrong, or whether your employer is breaking the terms of their contract with you. If they are, you’ll have further grounds to sue or to make a legal challenge, and your complaints will be treated seriously, considering that you’re making them on the grounds of a legally binding contract signed by yourself and your employer.

The Soft Approach

There is, of course, a less brutal approach, and this one comes with gentle dialogue and the raising of your issues with your superiors. If you can find the time to speak with superiors – especially those who are in control of how and what you work on – you’ll be better placed to negotiate your way into a position of power with your colleagues and superiors, thus helping you career trajectory in the long term.

Make a Move

Finally, if you feel that none of the above options will work for you, or you’ve tried and failed the soft approach and don’t want to launch a legal challenge, then it might simply be time to move on.

Some employers are poorly run and badly managed, with a poor workplace ethos that’s failing to nourish you as a worker. Simply find a new job, hand in your notice and search pastures new for that feeling of power you deserve.

There you have it: five ways you can enjoy increased power in your workplace.


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