The Relationship between the Gaming Industry and Crypto Trading

The gaming industry is responsible for producing all kinds of video games over the years. Playing games is one of the most enjoyable activities in your free time and the industry just keeps the games coming. However, the games aren’t the same as they get better and better each year.

The thing about the industry is that it can adapt well to change. With tech advancements, the hardware got better and it could handle better software which is why the visuals and mechanics improved. Also, the mobile gaming industry came to be a result of this improvement. And the trends keep on coming.

Crypto trading is the current trend as lots of people are looking to get into it. The popular virtual currencies are already a part of the gaming industry as viable payment methods. But developers were inspired by them and decided to produce a couple of trading simulators that aspiring traders will find handy.

Some great simulations

These simulators will focus on different skills and offer various virtual currencies to players. They’ll also come with different features. If you’re looking to get into crypto trading and you don’t know where to start then here are some simulators to help you out:

  • Spark Profit

Spark Profit Logo - article about the Relationship of the Gaming Industry and Crypto Trading

Learning how to predict the rise or fall of the value of an asset is an important skill that every trader needs. That’s why Spark Profit makes sure to teach it in a virtual market with assets with real prices. You’ll be rewarded with points for correct predictions and lose points for wrong ones. It’s a simple concept that works well. But you won’t need to learn any skill to profit from crypto trading. You can go for an alternative solution like a trading platform. Bitcoin Trader is one such platform. You can go for a Bitcoin Trader review to find out what makes it so popular. Or you can continue reading.

It will trade in your stead, but you’ll need to adjust it first. This means you’ll need to learn about the settings and how to set them properly. For this, you’ll need an account and a small deposit to have a budget to trade with. Then it’s time for you to go over the tutorials and fiddle with the demo account. Once you get the hang of it, you can adjust the platform, go for a live session, and then you can enter the real world of crypto trading. Experiment as much as you wish.

  • Altcoin Fantasy

AltCoin Fantasy logo - 4984989484

Predicting the value of an asset is essential but so is knowing how and when to buy and sell various assets. This is what Altcoin Fantasy teaches with the popular virtual currencies on a virtual market. Also, you’ll get to learn how to analyze the market which is another important skill for any crypto trader.

Then you have many competitions. These are played by all the app users and they can help you enhance your skills. If you happen to win one or more of them then you’ll be able to get the top prize. This is a prize that’s made up of your preferred virtual currency.

  • CoinMarketGame

CoinMarketGame - 594984984

This is another simulator that focuses on the essentials. So, CoinMarketGame is the app that will teach you how to buy and sell popular virtual currencies. After some training with this app, you’ll be able to buy and sell assets confidently regardless of the online exchange you visit.


Speaking of online exchanges, there are various ones available online and you’ll need to take your pick. You’ll also need to find the right wallet and go for one of the many virtual currencies. Thanks to the gaming industry you’ll have lots of trading simulators to choose from and all of them will give you the skills you’ll need as a trader.

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