Reliable solutions for payments in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has already become a full-fledged part of the financial world, and we will shed some light on what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and why PurePay might be the right tool for you to deal with it.


About cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a program code that doesn’t have an offline option and is solely driven by the market. Anyone who has enough money to buy special equipment can mine cryptocurrency, but there are restrictions on the extraction of coins.

How cryptocurrency works

There is a chain of blocks with certain data related to each other. Transparency and data immutability are ensured. In order to make the blockchain work and new blocks appear, a computing resource is needed. Those who use it get a reward in the form of tokens. These tokens are encrypted and the process is called mining. Mined coins are stored on cryptocurrency exchanges or special wallets, so they can be spent like any classic currency if they have value and are traded on the platforms.

How we can help you to deal with cryptocurrency

At PurePay, we provide you with cryptocurrency payment processing services. Understanding that it is a high-risk area, we will help you to get all advantages of cryptocurrency. The PurePay solution is available for e-commerce, offline businesses and more.


Cryptocurrency is gaining its popularity every year. Therefore, the demand for virtual money will keep on growing. PurePay monitors the situation and is ready to offer businesses secured methods of cryptocurrency payment processing. Please let us know If you have any questions.

PurePay has a multi-currency payment gateway. The high-tech gateway has intuitive features like recurring payments with tokenization for your global business needs.

It’s inclusive range of merchant accounts, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, and card processing solutions ensure that every one of your financial needs are met.

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