Remote File Server Access Without A VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been accepted as the solution to various Internet privacy issues. While all your online activity can be tracked every day by the government and your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and they can limit the websites you may access online, the virtual private network may provide a protection solution that gives back your privacy and freedom online. With all such advantages of Virtual Private Network, there are of course some demerits of having VPN, especially for business purpose. These are elaborated in ensuing paragraphs.

Regulatory Issues with VPN

There are some countries which do not allow any form of VPN service to be used by their people. In reality, most VPN services in countries that consider private networks to be illegal would be blocked. This is the first downside that you need to cope with. If you believe your country is on the list of countries that consider it illegal to have a private connection, you should not use the VPN service in the first place. This is because when you do so, you could end up paying a big fine or going to prison.

Performance Issues with VPN

Because the private network connection works by linking your network to a private server before the website you want to visit can actually be accessed, it may cause a performance issue in the process. Some VPNs may take longer to reach private servers, which may take longer to load the website you are accessing.

Privacy Issues

In return for your data, some VPN providers will allow you to use their private servers. They may not, of course, state their intent in the first place. There have, however, been instances where Virtual Private Network companies track their users’ data for their own settlement. Yeah, they may help circumvent your internet restrictions and mask your IP address, but private network companies can actually monitor your Internet restrictions instead. The VPN services that provide their private link for free or for a very low price should be known to you because they could log your activity

For business Users, It May Be Difficult to Set Up

Virtual Private Network can be easy to set up for individual users, as you only need to download your VPN apps or software and install it on your computer. However, the situation may not be like that for business users. Virtual Private Network is much more difficult to set up for business users, especially if you need to set up a private network on your business premises.

It Might be not a Cost-Effective Option

A VPN is a premium private connection service that one needs to pay for from normal network or ISP connection. One will have to buy additional router hardware if he/ she choose to use a VPN router in order to be able to use it alongside his VPN link. It might not, therefore, come to you free of charge. Sure, you can use several free private connections, but they are not typically secure and have lots of limitations.

Having such complex and cost in-efficient issues, there should be an alternative to Virtual Private Network which could proficiently tackle and overcome these issues. Gladinet has the capability to mobilize the employees without a VPN for fast and simple remote access to file servers, web browser-based access and mobile access.

Gladinet Triofox can be used by companies without using a VPN and without synchronizing to external storage services, such as Office 365, Dropbox or Box, to easily allow safe remote access and mobile access to file servers.Triofox gives on-premise file server new remote web access, file sharing & mobile application capabilities, while retaining the old security safeguards, permission controls and data ownership to allow you sharing files and folders with existing permission.

By offering a clean, stable interface for your remote employees, Triofox simplifies remote access to your Windows file servers. It doesn’t take your file server out of any files or results. Instead, to allow your employees to link securely to the services they need, it implements a robust, safe remote access policy. You will enjoy a safe solution with Triofox, combined with ease-of-use from.


VPNs have been the standard solution for safe remote access to network file shares on internal file servers. Yet they prove to be difficult to support and handle. Users often have difficulty connecting to the mobile file server or complain about other access and slow performance problems. Secure and mobile remote access to file server shares without a VPN is easy to set up, easy to use and instantly increases the mobility of your file server.

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