How to Remove Ceramic Coating

If you are planning to apply ceramic coating on to your car, there are several options available. That is the easy part. Removing it, on the other hand, is not so simple.

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Applying ceramic coating for a car is simply a process of adding it on. The coating sticks nicely to the surface and bonds with the paintwork without any problem. However, when you have to remove it (beforehand), there are many things you need to bear in mind before you begin.

Consider the following before you plan to remove the ceramic coating:

  • Will it damage the texture of the surface of your car?
  • Is the process you are planning to use suitable for your type of vehicle?

After you have answered those two questions, you can then decide what the best process is. If you are not sure what process is best for your car, contact your local dealer or the manufacturer.

Manufacturers add ceramic coating because it sticks to the vehicle’s paintwork. The thin layer that bonds to the surface protects the car from bird droppings, chemicals, sunlight (ultraviolet rays), and other hazards.

Here are some tips for people who plan to remove the ceramic coating from their automobile:

Why Remove The Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating protects for a long time

Unlike a sealant or wax, ceramic coating is extremely hard. It offers a solid and long-lasting form of protection. Most car manufacturers claim that their coating is good for several years. However, they are not everlasting, i.e., none of them can last forever.

Therefore, there will come a time when you need to add a new coating. However, before you do so, you must remove the old one.

If you don’t remove the old ceramic coating, the new one cannot adhere or bond properly with the surface of your car. In other words, it won’t protect your vehicle for long.

Before you dive into the processes, you should know the reasons for doing it. If you don’t know exactly why you need to remove and then apply a new coat, the likelihood of something going wrong is greater.

If your car needs bodywork because of, for example, a vehicle accident, it will be necessary to apply a new ceramic coating, and also remove the old one.

Removing the coating after a certain time is important. If you don’t, the car’s surface will become damaged. It will age much more rapidly, which apart from not looking nice, can negatively affect your asking price when you plan to sell it.

Methods of Removing Ceramic Coating

According to electotrust, there are many processes to choose from when you want to improve the appearance of your car and protect it.

As mentioned above, removing the ceramic coating and applying a new one is one way to protect your automobile. There are several processes you can use. Let’s have a look at them:    

1. Chemical removal

Chemical removal is the most effective way. Even though ceramic coating is chemical resistant, its resistance is gradually weakened with the use of alkaline products.

Follow these three steps when you are using the chemical removal method:

Step 1

At first, put some drops of primer to prime the pad. Then apply the whole product, starting from the middle position and moving outward. 

Step 2

After you have applied it all over that section, wipe off any excess.

Step 3

After completing the priming, put 6-8 drops of the product and spread all over that section for a nice finish. 

2. Claying

Claying is another way to get rid of the coating. It is very sticky. Its stickiness is what makes the removal of the ceramic coating possible.

Follow the three steps described below, and you should be able to complete the whole process without much trouble:

Step 1

Take the clay rod and rub it against the surface of your car, sliding from side to side. You should slide it from one side to another through vehicle’s paintwork. 

Step 2

You can use grease. It helps the application by making the surface smoother and easier to slide across.

Step 3

When you have finished, use a cloth to clean the whole surface before adding the next application.

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3. Polishing

Polishing is the most reliable process for removing the coating from a car. It is by far the most popular method. It also helps to prepare the surface for the next application, and makes it very smooth. Follow these three simple steps:

Step 1

Wash your car and rinse thoroughly so that all the soap is gone. Make sure you don’t dry it out. If you need to, you can dry out the suds (foam).

Step 2

Get a pad and continue the process section by section. 

Step 3

When you have done that, wipe off the excess, wash it and again rinse thoroughly. Make sure you dry the whole surface carefully.

Wrapping Up 

One of the main problems when removing a protective product is knowing whether all of it has gone. Hopefully, the tips we have offered in this article can help you carry out a successful job.

Remember that you cannot add a new ceramic coating to your car before removing the old one. If you do, it will not last anywhere near as long as it is supposed to.

Removing the coating requires a great deal of hard work. If you don’t fancy the idea of doing it yourself, you should consider getting somebody else to do it. If you decide on a DYI approach, check with a car care expert if you have any doubts.


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