Rental car with driver in Abu Dhabi: A Complete Guide 

Abu Dhabi, the land of growing tourism and massive opportunities, is a perfect mashup of modern and cultural traditions. It’s extremely luxurious lifestyle with the blend of Arabian traditions and cultural ethics provides visitors with all types of fun and joy to make their trip memorable. Moreover, its zero-crime status and transport facilities also make it a perfect living place. 

Various types of public and private transport systems including buses, metro trains, tram cabs, and taxis are working in different corners of the state and provide passengers with easy and cheap means to travel from one place to another. However, you can rent a car in Dubai to enjoy comfortable traveling. 

Some people, especially first-time visitors, are not well aware of the importance of rental car services. Therefore, we are providing them with this detailed guide to explore everything about car rental services. 

What are Car Rental services? 

Car rental services are working all around the UAE and provide almost all types of cars at cheap rents. From casual to business class and sports to luxurious cars, they provide users with a huge collection of cars to choose from. Moreover, they also provide professional drivers to hire with a rental car to people with no or expired driving licenses. 

The selection of a credible car rental platform is a tough but crucial task because various scammers and frauds also exist who can easily trap you and cause massive money loss. Therefore, make sure to always check the vendor’s credibility, working experience, and market value before making a final decision. 

How To Rent A Car? 

The process of renting a car in Abu Dhabi is not rocket science, but new users find it difficult because they have no knowledge and are also scared of scams. Therefore, we are describing here the complete process step-by-step.

  • First of all, know the purpose of renting a car  
  • Know your traveling needs including the number of passengers, traveling distance, duration,  and type of roads 
  • Select a credible vendor 
  • Choose the perfect car that can stand your needs and requirements 
  • Thoroughly inspect the car to ensure all systems are working correctly and everything is in its place 
  • Check the price and compare it with some other credible platforms 
  • Ask for discounts, insurance, and delivery services 
  • Read the renting a car policy twice and ask questions to  clear your doubts or confusion 
  • Sign the contract and pay to rent your desired car. 

Benefits of Renting a Car With a Driver 

Renting a car brings multiple benefits with comfortable and convenient traveling to all corners of the UAE. Some of its major benefits are listed below; 

  • It saves you both time and money because it eliminates the cost of buying tickets to reach each destination individually, taxis rents to access exact locations, and waiting at the bus station. 
  • It provides you with time freedom and you can easily go anywhere at any time.
  • Rental car homes offer a huge collection of cars to choose from. Therefore, you can select your desired car and enjoy thrilling car riding adventures without spending a bank of money. 
  • By hiring car rental services you can also rent a luxury car at quite cheap rates and live your dream of riding an exotic car on the mysterious roads of Abu Dhabi . 
  • Unlike public transport, rental cars provide you with a comfortable and safe traveling experience. 
  • By renting a car you can travel in privacy with your friends and family. 


  • It’s a bit more expensive than public transport 
  • It holds the risks of scams and fraud 
  • It has strict rules and  conditions 

Essentials of Car Rental Services 

To rent a car in Abu Dhabi  everyone has to fulfill some conditions that are listed here; 

  • Rental car services demand some important documents including a traveling letter, valid passport, visa, national ID card, and driving license. 
  • The minimum age limit to rent a car in Abu Dhabi is 20-25 years 
  • Rental cars are not allowed to run out of country border 
  • Rental cars are not allowed to participate in sports and illegal activities 
  • You cannot carry your pets in rental cars 

Bottom Line 

Regardless of the purpose and duration of your visit, hiring car rental services is a perfect choice to go hassle-free throughout your journey. You can use our detailed guide to know everything about this widely used service to make the right choice. 

For a more convenient approach, you can use a credible car rental app like One Click Drive, and hire any type of rental car from the comfort of your home.