Renting Out A Hotel In Orlando As An 18 Year Old

If you’ve ever been to Orlando before, you know exactly how fun of a city it can be to visit. Being situated in warm and sunny Florida, the city boasts a little bit of something for everyone. 

However, if you’re a legal adult, but you aren’t old enough to drink, then you might find it difficult to rent out a hotel in Orlando, especially if you’re attempting to go during the spring break season. It can also be difficult to find fun things to do in the city if you aren’t at a legal age to drink. 

No worries though! Orlando has plenty to offer for those adults that are slightly underaged. 

Planning Your Trip To Orlando

If you’re going to head to Orlando, you need to know how you’ll get there, where you’ll be staying, and how you’ll be able to enjoy the city!

1)   Transportation

When you start to plan your trip to Orlando, one of the first things you want to sort out is transportation. Most people would prefer flights during normal time periods, but with the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are opting to drive too far off destinations. If you’re someone who isn’t worried about contracting Covid, you can currently find rather cheap domestic flights across the country.

If you’re someone who likes to travel across the country in a vehicle, then good news for you since there are a lot of advantages to driving. Even with cheaper flights at the moment, it can still be cheaper to drive to destinations. There’s also a huge advantage in driving since you won’t be restricted on the number of items you pack, which is especially beneficial if you’re going to take a lot of bulky items, such as coolers, golf clubs, or wakeboards.

2)   Lodging

As stated earlier, it can be hard to book a hotel room if you’re 18 since many hotels will want you to be 21 to stay with them. It can be even more difficult to find a hotel that will allow you to book in the exact area you want at the price point that you want. 

However, Orlando is a huge tourist-oriented city and has a vast number of hotel offerings. With enough research, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of Orlando hotels for 18 year olds. You can also check out these resorts in Orlando for a suitable and more luxurious stay.

3)   Activities

Once you finally sort out how you’re going to get to Orlando and where you and your friends are going to stay, you can finally start to focus on the really fun part: what you’ll do while you’re there! 

Orlando offers a wide variety of activities if you’re 18. Some of these include exploring Disneyworld, traveling to the beach, and going golfing. Also, Orlando has warm weather almost all year long, so you’ll be able to bet on doing some form of outdoor activity while you’re in Orlando!

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