Reopening Your Business During Lockdown

As retail stores, office spaces, and workplaces begin to reopen amid lockdown restrictions, companies are introducing new operational measures. Due to the impact of COVID-19, businesses will only be able to reopen if they can adhere to social distancing protocols.

This means almost every organisation in the UK will need to modify its practices if it wants to continue trading in the current climate. One of the most challenging issues for businesses to address is the need to keep people at a distance of at least 2 metres. The vast majority of workspaces typically see people working in much closer proximity to one another, so in-house practices will need to be updated to adhere to social distancing.

Similarly, any business that welcomes customers into its premises will need to ensure that members of the public adhere to social distancing protocols. Inevitably, this will be a significant challenge and one which companies must take seriously. Even well-meaning workers and customers are likely to forget the new measures and subconsciously revert to their usual practices. To prevent this, it’s essential to ensure people are consistently reminded of the new measures and how they can follow them.

Introducing Social Distancing in Business

If you want to reopen your business while lockdown restrictions remain in place, take a look at these innovative ways you can ensure your staff, customers, and clients adhere to your new social distancing policies…

Point of Sale Marketing

When customers queue to make a purchase, place an order, or seek assistance, it typically means a large number of people are corralled into a small area. Many retail stores are placing distance reminders on the floor, but these aren’t particularly eye-catching and can easily be missed or overlooked.

Often used to promote a particular product or increase sales, point of sales materials can be an effective way to remind customers of the new social distancing measures. With point of sale displays and visual merchandising, you can inform and educate customers about the measures you’re taking to keep them safe while retaining your brand identity.

From small on-counter signs to large format displays and popups, there are a variety of options when it comes to designing custom point of sale materials. Vibrant colours, metallic finishes will ensure signage is eye-catching and impactful, while lamination offers an increased lifespan and high-quality finish.

Large Format Prints

If you want to let people know that you’re open for business, large format printing is essential. Bespoke posters, billboards, and even window displays will deliver your message clearly and unequivocally. With so much confusion regarding which businesses are currently open and what services are available, a highly publicised campaign is necessary if you want to keep your customers in the loop.

For businesses that operate bricks and mortar stores, for example, you’ll want to ensure customers know that you’re open. With many companies operating within revised trading hours or offering modified services, large format prints enable you to convey this critical information quickly and clearly. Giving customers, clients, and your target audience the information they need instantly, large format printing is the ultimate way to keep people up to date with how your business is responding to the lockdown restrictions.

Temporary Floor Plans

Changing your current floor plan or office layout could be a viable way to introduce new social distancing measures. With a new layout, people are less likely to forget the changes, so it’s ideal for working environments in which numerous people usually work in close proximity to one another.

Visual merchandise is an effective way to modify your current workspaces, floor plans, and retail stores. Digital printing ensures custom materials can be created quickly, which prevents unnecessary delays and enables you to reopen your business swiftly.

Furthermore, the use of visual merchandise to modify layouts helps to keep costs low. With many businesses already incurring significant losses due to trading restrictions and challenges, a low-cost method of modifying the workplace or customer environment is highly coveted.

As visual merchandise is a temporary measure, you’ll find it easy to update your floor plan if social distancing measures are altered. Similarly, reverting back to your standard layout when new measures are phased out will be simple and straightforward.

Relaunching Your Business

If you’re been unable to trade since lockdown restrictions were enforced, offline marketing materials and operational changes could enable you to relaunch your business. While in-house changes will be necessary, the right measures should give you the opportunity to reopen your doors and restart your cash flow.

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