Replikanto Review 2023: Is This Trade Copier 

Explicitly designed for Ninjatrader 8 accounts, Replikanto enables automatic replication of trading strategies from a main ‘Leader’ account to multiple ‘follower’ accounts. 

With various replication methods and unique features such as network/remote mode, this tool promises flexibility and convenience for traders of all levels. 

But is it worth the investment? In this Replikanto review, we provide an in-depth analysis of Replikanto’s offerings, pricing, and overall value to help you make an informed decision.

What is Replikanto?

Replikanto is an advanced trade copier designed exclusively for NinjaTrader 8 accounts, providing a seamless way to replicate trades from a central ‘Leader’ account to multiple ‘follower’ accounts. 

With Replikanto, you can effortlessly adopt the trading strategies the Leader uses, allowing you to benefit from their experience and expertise. This exceptional tool offers replication methods to suit various trading styles and needs. 

Its unique network/remote mode distinguishes itself, enabling you to copy trades across different computers, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience. 

Features of Replikanto

  • Cross Order Capability

Replikanto enables efficient trade size conversion. This means you can trade in micro lots and copy the trade to mini lots or vice versa. For example, you can convert trades between ES, MES, NQ, and MNQ.

  • Network Mode

With this, you can copy trades from one computer to another within the same local network. You only need NinjaTrader 8 with Replikanto running on both the Leader and follower machines. Please note that a Replikanto license is required on all machines to use this feature.

  • Remote Mode

If you need to copy trades over the internet, the Remote Mode feature of Replikanto will be invaluable. However, to use this feature, you will need credits that can be purchased from their website.

  • Stealth Mode

For those who prioritize privacy, the Stealth Mode feature ensures that your use of Replikanto is not easily identifiable by analyzing the recorded order information.

  • ATM Orders

Replikanto allows you to replicate ATM orders on the Leader account across all follower accounts. 

It’s important to note that while it typically works seamlessly, external programs such as Tradovate (Web and Mobile App), RTrader Pro, TradingView, TWS, etc., can sometimes produce unexpected results. 

We recommended using the NinjaTrader PC version to place orders. For NinjaTrader 8.1+ users, the Multi-provider should be turned on to ensure the product functions as intended.

  • NT7 to NT8 Compatibility

Replikanto also supports copying trades from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8, provided you have the Replikanto NT7 to NT8 product.

These features enhanced user flexibility, provided top-notch trade copier functions, and delivered a smoother trading experience.

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Replikanto Pricing

Replikanto offers various pricing options to accommodate different user preferences:

  • Single machine with lifetime access: $149
  • Two machines with lifetime access: $249
  • Single machine with a one-year license: $99
  • Two machines with a one-year license: $149

For those who prefer to test the waters before committing, Replikanto provides a 7-day free trial. You must avoid using the trial version on live accounts to prevent potential issues. 

Every purchase includes 20 submit credits for the Remote Mode feature, allowing you to experience this unique functionality.

With its flexible pricing options, Replikanto caters to a wide range of budgets while consistently delivering high-quality service.

Replikanto Remote Credit

Replikanto employs remote credit for Leader accounts. The Replikanto Remote Credit is available in denominations ranging from $10 to $200, exclusively for those who own Replikanto. 

Please note that only the Leader account requires these credits, not the follower accounts.

These credits facilitate using the Remote Mode feature in Replikanto 1.4 and later versions, enabling the transmission of trades over the internet and expanding your trading capabilities.

Replikanto Replication Methods

Replikanto offers a multitude of replication methods tailored to the diverse needs of traders:

  • Exact Quantity: This method replicates the exact volume of the trade across all accounts in the group.
  • Equal Quantity: In this method, the contracts are equally distributed among all accounts in the group.
  • Ratio: You can set a ratio for each follower account, ranging from -100 to 100. Negative ratios reverse the orders.
  • Net Liquidation: Shares are distributed based on the net liquidation value of each account.
  • Available Money: Shares are allocated based on the available equity in each account.
  • Percentage Change: Modifies an existing position, with positive percentages increasing a position and negative percentages decreasing it.
  • Pre-Allocation: Uses the pre-allocated quantity in each follower account, regardless of the lead order size.


  • Efficiently duplicates trades from a Leader account to multiple follower accounts
  • Offers diverse replication methods to suit different trading styles.
  • Network/remote mode enables trade copying across different machines
  • Cross-order feature allows efficient conversion of trade sizes
  • Stealth mode ensures users’ privacy 
  • Comprehensive FAQ section 


  • Using the remote mode requires the additional purchase of credits
  • Compatibility issues may arise with certain external programs
  • Some features require the purchase of specific Replikanto products

Is Replikanto Worth It? 

Replikanto proves to be a powerful tool in the trading world, providing invaluable solutions for users of the NinjaTrader 8 platform. 

It simplifies the process of trade duplication, automating the transfer of trading activities from a primary account to numerous secondary accounts. This functionality benefits newcomers seeking to emulate expert strategies and seasoned traders seeking to diversify their approach.

The platform’s diversity is evident in its array of replication methods, allowing traders to choose the most suitable style. 

Features like network/remote mode, stealth mode, and cross-order capability enhance the versatility and user-friendliness of Replikanto. However, it’s important to note that some features may incur additional costs.

Given its robust capabilities, Replikanto is quickly gaining popularity within the trading community. If this tool sounds like the solution that could transform your trading process, don’t wait! Take the first step today. Click here to get started with Replikanto!