Residential proxies: how remote servers help marketers in 2023?

Internet privacy is a key factor for many discussions on the web in 2023. With great dependence on search engines and social media sites, many individuals and companies are at the mercy of tech giants and their developing systems for communication and data sharing.

However, as your web connection traverses the web, it encounters many invisible trackers, third-party cookies, and other factors threatening your privacy.

Even without the physical presence of spies, modern internet users are always being watched. Today, most companies and business-minded people see internet privacy tools as essential tools, even for casual browsing sessions.

When it comes to finding the best option, simplicity is the key, and there is no better and universal solution than proxy servers. With millions of addresses suitable for running multiple connections, simplicity allows us to use many new identities at the same time to scale up any executed tasks.

Most proxy servers can be split into two categories: Datacenter and Residential proxies. Both tools perform the same basic function – once your connection reaches the server, it deconstructs the part with your address and assigns your IP instead. However, there is a significant difference between the datacenter and residential proxies that affect their speed and recognizability.

Datacenter IPs come from interconnected servers that are stationed in specialized, and well-protected facilities. This makes them faster, more secure and more reliable. However, social media platforms dislike proxy server use because it is often associated with bot traffic. The bulked up datacenter proxies are not connected to Internet Service Providers (ISP), which makes their addresses a bit different from organic web traffic. 

Residential proxies are better since their addresses are the public IPs used by real devices all around the world. Hopping onto this connection creates a perfect disguise, which is perfect for blending in with regular web traffic.

A modern marketing specialist has to grasp the basics of proxy server use to better see all content available on social media networks. For example, US residential proxies are great for making sure that local publishers fulfil their duties to advertisers and observing the appearance of ads from competitors. In this guide, we look at the benefits of proxies for social media advertising campaigns. If you want more in-depth info on US residential proxies, click here.

Bypass restrictions and see localized content

To run successful and dynamic advertisement campaigns, marketing experts try to access all opportunities and present information within the different versions of visited websites.

That is right! In most cases, popular websites offer different versions of visited sites to make sure that the average user sees the most relevant content. With the help of marketers, local marketers seize these opportunities and purchase ads from these platforms.

For proper market research, experts need proxy servers to bypass restrictions and see localized content. For example, if you want to see advertisements from regional competitors, you can use residential proxy servers and connect to neighbouring countries. Then you can observe published ads and stay visible to local users, which will help you assess the opportunities to expand and beat them.

Marketers that work in countries with internet censorship can use them to observe the most successful Western companies in the same niche and adapt their strengths. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and evolving your marketing strategy to keep up with the greats is not shameful but a smart approach to expanding your reach on the web.

Last but not least, companies and business-minded individuals can use residential proxy servers to access social media networks when their public IP address is banned. Proxies ensure that blacklisting, geo-blocking, and other connection restrictions cannot stop you from automating social media accounts, running data scrapers, and protecting other processes that aid market research.

Ad verification procedures

With many available ways to purchase ads, marketing experts try to remain as versatile as possible by constantly diversifying their options for getting publicity and visibility. While ads on social media platforms are expensive, their reputation guarantees a swift execution of obligations, which cannot be said about less popular publisher sites.

Still, ad verification tasks use proxy servers to make sure that the ads are present and well-visible during connections in desired locations. Residential proxies provide a gateway to a different region, as well as a believable disguise for ad verification and testing.

Study the platform and competitors with a fake IP

With the ability to manipulate geo-location, proxy servers provide a lot more information about the network and its competitors. Even if you decide to step outside the social media network and investigate your target directly, residential proxy servers will protect your connection with a fake IP address that can be swapped to a new identity at will.


Residential proxies are versatile and extremely effective tools that let you approach your marketing campaign from all angles. Now that you know the benefits of quality IPs from a designated provider, you can test and use them for that extra flexibility for web-oriented tasks.