How Restaurants Use Coupons to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty

Restaurants use coupons image - 3333If you run a fledgling restaurant business or have had success in the past but don’t seem to attract as many diners, and haven’t been using coupons as a marketing tool, you could be missing a trick. Coupons are incredibly powerful for restaurants. The more encouraging and exciting they look and seem, the better they are for business. Coupons could make all the difference in transforming a one-off customer into a regular. They are simple to use and so very effective. 

Still, on the fence, check out the how and why coupons could work wonders for your restaurant business.

They are Catalysts

By far, coupons are the quickest and easiest way to increase the number of customers you have in your restaurant. They can have a direct influence on the decisions and choices customers make about the restaurants they eat in. They are what can drive a customer to visit your restaurant for the first time and what can keep regulars returning to your eatery time and time again. If you serve good food and food that sounds delicious, when coupled with a money-off coupon, your restaurant will seem irresistible.

Coupons Work Well On Social Media

Most people spend their time online on social media than any other kind of platform or site. You can use coupons to attract people to your restaurant by targeting them where they are – on social media. By setting up a social media account and offering discounts and coupons through that page, you are constantly reminding your potential customers that your business exists, and you want them to enjoy good food for less. 

Coupons Have Universal Appeal

After all, who doesn’t like saving money? While many customers may not mind paying highly for a nice meal in a fancy restaurant, it is unlikely that any would say they would rather pay full price than save some money, if given the choice. Therefore, coupons can appeal to those on tight budgets and those with holes in their purses and wallets just the same.

Everyone likes something for nothing, and everyone likes their money going as far as it can. You just need to look at the selection on offer at Coupon Dad and how many people visit the site to understand how popular coupons are.

They Are a Form of Communication

Many businesses miss a trick by only utilizing coupons during particular festive periods and seasonally. However, they don’t need to just be used in this way. They are a form of communication between you and your customers. Coupons, therefore, can be used as a way of heightening brand awareness for your eatery. Reminding them that you are still there, serving delicious and tasty food. They can even be used to introduce customers to a new restaurant.

When you offer coupons to people who may have visited your restaurant in the past, it helps to earn their trust and loyalty. If they know you are generous with special offers and discounts, they are more likely to choose to support you. 

They Can Increase Word Of Mouth Recommendations

Coupons also work as a form of communication in that they can be used to increase the amount of word of mouth recommendations you get. If customers who don’t want to use a coupon pass it on to a friend or relative, a buzz is created about your restaurant and what you offer there. 

They Are Flexible and Versatile

Another reason why you should consider using coupons for your restaurant is that they are versatile and flexible. They don’t need to follow the same format or offer the same as other businesses. You can find something unique to offer them that will help them to focus on your brand. If you are a seafood-focused restaurant, for instance, you could provide coupons offering specials on fish from a specific region.


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