Revamping the Ride: Top Accessories for Your Wagon R

Ask about the most priceless and affordable car for middle-class families in India and most of the families would go with Wagon R. Yes and here is the reason denoting the affordability factor. It is fuel-efficient and offers sufficient space for five adults. Its accessories not only add to the look and feel of the car but also enhance the diving experience while keeping in mind the safety aspect. The accessories of Wagon R give you a lifetime experience of safe and sound diving experience too.

For example, the windshield wiper enhances the level of safety and visibility as this obviously becomes an important mechanism in emergency situations where visibility is a challenge so to speak. There are seat covers, tissue boxes, car floor mats, audio systems, armrests, etc which are easily available online in boodmo accessories for Wagon R. So if you are the one who either commutes daily or occasionally, there are accessories that don’t just add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal but also provide sufficient safety.

Let’s now take a look at the top accessories for your Wagon R.

Seat covers

The accessories besides adding the aesthetic value of the car also safeguard your prized vehicle from daily wear and tear. For example, the seat covers are eye-catching, and comfortable, and gel well with the ambiance. They additionally protect your original seat and they continue to hold their softness, durability, and of course shine.

Car Mats

You are stepping in your car with soiled shoes and the first step easily imprints the dust and dirt making the car floor look shabby and dirty. Cleaning is difficult. However, with the car mats, you know that they can easily be cleaned while maintaining the initial interiors of the car floor intact. You can easily purchase car mat accessories for Wagon R in just a few clicks, so ensuring clean car floors once and forever is possibly the easiest thing to do. 

Body Cover

Your car deserves to be protected with durable body cover any time of the day or night. Body covers give protection from dusty air that blows as the dust actually settles down like a thin sheet. Similarly, if the car is parked in the open without any protective cover, then birds can dirty the car’s body. Even children out of fun and enjoyment try to scribble down the letters when they find the car without the cover. So, that’s an important accessory where the body cover has to be durable and long-lasting to safeguard from various similar situations. An ideal seat cover should be heat and water-resistant.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are the result of a technological invention that is far less in weight as compared to standard wheels. This directly creates less pressure for the drivers to turn the wheels and the suspension has less weight to handle during turning. Hence, car drivers find it easy to turn sides while ensuring better performance in the process.

Door visors

A car going at a high speed has to face the issue of wind noise, but the door visors deflect the wind, thus lessening the impact. They equally help towards improving the aerodynamics of the car which results in saving your money on fuel too.

Arm rest

They help you to rest your arms while ensuring a relaxed position for the muscles, thereby leading to a comfortable driving experience

Seat Gaps filler

A great safety experience while driving is to fill the drop blocks that are usually present between the seat of the car and the center console. If unchecked, believe it or not, they may divert your mind to the extent of causing distraction. Since you don’t want your phone to drop into the gaps at the time you are driving. So, seat gap fillers come in handy.

Car Pillow Neck Rest

You are in the car for hours together, but do you realize that you have to be in the normal posture or else your back and neck will pain? So neck pillow is created to help you maintain a natural support in line with the shape of the body.

Seat Organizers

Distractions have to be minimal or even better if there are none. So, seat organizers come in handy which help you to organize essentials thereby reducing the chance of distraction for a comfortable journey. 

Window sun shades

You want a convenient journey while protecting yourself from the sunlight coming from the sides. Now, window sunshades act as a protective layer that blocks the sunlight from reaching inside. Besides protecting you, they maintain the inside cooling temperature as well.

Hand brake cover set

Hand brakes are important as they safeguard the car from moving further while it is parked or stopped. It ensures that it won’t roll either forward or backward in the process. They need to be anti-skid mainly due to the purpose of providing extra grip while you hold the hand brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety features that are a part of Maruti Wagon R?

Maruti takes care of the safety of passengers. Likewise, it has dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, etc. The car makes use of various features that the car owners want and expect from such a prestigious name.

What is the need to have good car bumpers?

Bumpers both in the front and back position absorb the shock in the wake of a low-speed collision, thereby safeguarding the occupants to a certain extent.

What accessories are important in cars?

Car accessories such as seat cover, and body cover protect your prized car. There are many such as allow wheels that besides enhancing the visual appeal are also light in weight which makes driving comfortable and convenient.


The aforesaid post talks in length about the top accessories meant for your Wagon R. They give an added layer of safety and aesthetic appeal. They equally enhance the life of the original car products that would otherwise be subjected to wear and tear. So, choose them online from authentic sites and compare the prices with one another to save yourself from paying extra for the same quality product.

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