Magic of RFID Protection: How to Secure Your Money While Traveling?

Any much-anticipated trip would turn into a disaster as soon as you discovered that your money and credit card were stolen. It may not be done through physical force, but stealth-mode using skimming devices performed by fraudsters. But this shouldn’t be your story.

Learn to secure your money and deflect any attempt to acquire your financial information when traveling. Here’s how.

RFID wallets

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The radio frequency identification (RFID) is equipped with an electromagnetic field that gathers and conveys information used in credit cards, passport, driver’s license, and other IDs. It’s easy to use and convenient when engaged in transactions transferring information with a scanner. The flaw, though, is that your information is prone to hacking, and stealing of financial accounts.

To counter, it’s recommended to use RFID wallets. These are made to shield your contactless cards from possible leakage. Here are its most common types.

Money clip

It’s a wallet with a slim look and is fit for a minimalist. You can stack either your cash, cards, and IDs into the clip. Also, you can clip your cards and IDs inside as it’s strong enough to hold all of it.


If you want space and a more organized wallet, a bifold RFID wallet is the right pick for you. It’s one of the most commonly used wallets these days.


If you can’t afford to let go of any of your cards then, the trifold wallet is good for you. It can carry multiple cards since it is spacious enough. Trifold also very practical and convenient.

Tyvek wallet

Made of non-toxic fiber material, Tyvek is durable and water-resistant. It’s also designed in various styles and patterns.

How do RFID wallets work

RFID wallets block almost all digital attempts to steal your financial information through RFID readers. It prevents unauthorized reader devices from transmitting sensitive data wirelessly such as automatic verification of your identity or using your account to buy items without swiping or entering your card details.

RFID wallets can prevent such instances. It also contains metal that deflects the wave coming from the reader.

The advantages of using an RFID wallet

The key benefits of getting an RFID wallet are:

  • Added security, the main feature of RFID wallets is to keep your information safe and secure.
  • High-tech protection, against advanced digital hacking and fraudulent schemes. It can effectively block radio waves from a scanner.
  • Peace of Mind, due to rampant identity theft and hacking an RFID wallet can give you the extra protection you need.

Helping your RFID wallet better protect you

While these advanced wallets are great, it also needs a little help from you. Here’s how you can protect it.

  1. Put your RFID close to each other in your wallet. This setup will give the thieves a hard time scanning your cards.
  2. You should put your RFID cards in the front pocket. Placing your wallet in the front pocket helps keep the thieves away. Doing so will limit your risk of having anyone easily scan your cards by standing right next to or behind you.
  3. Use your RFID cards only at trusted stores. You shouldn’t make it a habit to swipe your card anywhere. RFID wallets will be of no use if you keep transacting on stores that have suspicious terminals.

Testing if your wallet is RFID protected

One effective method of determining if your wallet is RFID protected is to acquire an RFID reader and antenna. Then, place your cards inside your wallet. Use the RFID scanner and come closer to your wallet. See if a signal comes through it.

If no data is transmitted in the RFID scanner, then it is presumed your wallet is RFID proof. However, if such an attribute is already described in your wallet’s label, then buying a scanning machine isn’t necessary.

Are these RFID blocking wallets really that useful?

Mighty yes! These are great in protecting yourself from identity theft, especially when traveling in a different country. RFID wallets are both practical and secure.

Do RFID wallets ruin credit cards?

RFID wallet is made to protect your contactless cards. Thus, your credit card is not affected or ruined. It only acts as physical and electronic protection.

Can debit cards be scanned while in your wallet?

Any financial information available in your debit card, even if inserted in your wallet can be scanned. A thief can steal it by standing right next to you. This is why it’s highly recommended to use RFID wallets.

Can RFID wallets go through airport security?

While at the airport, you will be required to remove your RFID wallet from your pocket or bag and be put on the screening conveyor belt. If you don’t have anything in your wallet, then you can pass through the security system without hassle. In other words, it works just like any ordinary wallet.


RFID wallet is an innovation equipped with technology that can guarantee security over your personal and financial information embedded in your cards. It eases your concern about possible hacking and identity theft incidents. Thus, it gives you a sense of protection and peace of mind, especially when you are traveling.

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